Growing fatter

I’ve finally given into the desire to grow an enormous big belly. Since retiring a few years ago I constantly fought the urge to give in to my lifelong fantasy but finally said, what the h***. Go for it.

I love fat women and always wanted to be a big bellied fat man. My wife has an eating disorder and will not gain weight at all. Me, I just want to live life to the fullest and enjoy my food and my hobbies. I told her I wanted to get fat a couple of years ago and she reluctantly agreed as long as it wasn’t “ too big” as far as my belly was concerned. So I started indulging in everything I wanted and over the course of the past three years I’ve gone from 235 to 290 lbs on my 6’2” frame.

I really get off sexually on the fat belly thing, it turns me on to play with it. My wife has acclimated to the belly seemingly fine. She enjoys rubbing it, massaging it and playing with my now more bountiful girth.

I recently brought cookies into the bedroom when we were going to be intimate and she fed me a couple. Over several encounters I would occasionally bring food into the bedroom. I finally told her that I enjoyed having her feed me and she seemed to enjoy that. I also told her that I’ve decided to get a lot bigger and I asked her to help me by always encouraging me to eat, by teasing me, by feeding me and just being attentive to my belly. Surprisingly she seems to be on board.

Now I want to become an enormous butterball and grow as big as I can. I’ve always had this mindset of having a 60 inch belly and am now only at 56 inches. She did ask me if I had an idea of just how big but I told her I’d know it when I got there.

She now has taken to enjoying in jerking me off while sitting up in bed as she feeds me at the same time. She also enjoys me rubbing my belly against her p**** which makes her moist and receptive to my swollen c***.

I wish she was a big woman. I’d really enjoy being with a big fat woman. Maybe down the road I can convince her of having a fat friend with benefits join in the fun. Meantime I eat at will and try to get fatter. Went through a dozen donuts between yesterday and today. Hopefully in a couple weeks it will show up nicely.

Call me crazy, but call me mr butterball😁.

27 days

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