Do I take a chance?

I am a married woman with a family.
I have been with my husband over 10yrs and we have one child.
Although my husband is kind and provides for us I feel he is more of a father than a husband. Everything he does is for our child and rarely suggests doing things as a couple. As a father he is there for our child but never involves me so I end off being left out. This really effects me and my feelings towards him. I have had a lot if issues during my relationship and have changed the way I live for the sake of my family but when I raise things with my husband he rarely listens and refuses to change himself.
Following a disagreement with my husband recently I received a friend request from an male friend from my past. It was like the timing couldn't be better. This was a person I used to socialise with when we were younger in a group of friends. We bumped into each other a few years back and it was nice, we had both had a drink and I almost went back to his place but stopped myself but it was clear with both like each other. It was something I sometimes think about what would have happened if I did go back. I feel this is a chance I should explore to see if there is happiness with this person.
Would it be wrong to explore what this could lead to?

20 days

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  • In any marriage the woman is not called to love her husband but to obey and remain chaste. If you want more attention, get off birth control, so he knocks you up. That's what he wants. That's what makes a man love a woman, that she produces fruit from his seed.

    And, if the wife is producing fruit of her womb, it gives her feminine identity and purpose, because that is her natural function. Once she has those, she doesn't need any other guy to knock her up. You just have an urge to reproduce. If your husband won't knock you up, you want to find a man who will, a man who will use your body in a way pleasing to God.

    I always tell guys, "Divorce threats are encoded mating signals! Just knock her up. If she doesn't want to, force her! She'll thank you later! They always do. Plus, the more kids she has, the happier she'll be, because an idle womb is Satan's playground! But give her plenty of housework, because idle hands are the devil's toys!

  • Opposite here, my wife tends to our daughter and mostly ignores me. I even cook most of the meals, since she has always been a lousy cook.
    S** was once a month and she almost never moved, just allowed it.
    When I ran into a nice lady I knew in college, and wanted to date back then but never did, we hit it off again instantly.
    She asked me why I never asked her out, I told her I was afraid she would say no and that might spoil things, because I liked being with her.
    She reached out and touched my hand and said, "Tommy, I always wanted to f*** you!"
    That did it, we became lovers and still do, about twice a month regular as clockwork. I did ask her if she wanted to be with me full time, she said no and she liked our relationship the way it was. So now I do not mind my wife ignoring me.
    So why not go for it, a bit on the side harms nothing, just be discrete.

  • Don't be a w****, you got a young child. Get out a vibrator and call it a night

  • Fornicate thyself!

  • Of course it’s wrong. You’re married.

  • Follow your heart. It’s obvious things arnt going to change. Or be very upfront with him about how you feel and what your viewpoint is.

  • Be grateful you have a family and stop trying to s**** it up.

  • Lucky for the OP you stumbled in here after your bender to remind her that her life could be even more miserable like yours.

  • S****. He should divorce your w****-ass.

  • Quit prowling the playground for young boys!

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