Wife shortens skirt to avoid ticket from police

My wife and I were driving to her parents house for a visit. She had gorgeous long legs and i liked when she wore short skirts. Today was a short skirt day. About a mile from the house the speed limit changed from 45 to 35. My wife having grown up in the area knew this but didn’t slow down. Sure enough we get pulled over by the local police. Frustrated at what had happened she kept looking in the mirror. When the officer got out of his car she recognized him as someone she went to school with.

As he started approaching our car she pulled her short skirt up as high as it would go. I could see her panties so I knew he would be able to see them also. I asked what she was doing and she said it’s Tony from my graduating class. He liked me in school and he might not give me a ticket. When he got to the car all of her gorgeous long legs were showing and her sheer white panties. He looked inside the car and smiled as he recognized her and called her by name. They talked about how many years it had been since school. When he said do you know why I stopped you she joked and said because you miss me? I noticed she wasn’t making any effort to hold her legs together and her sheer panties weren’t covering much. She smiled and he said you were speeding a little. As he looked at her long legs and sheer panties she kind of opened her legs more to give him a better look. He smiled and said and I guess I missed those pretty legs too. He laughed and she blushed and he said slow down a little. Good seeing you again and walked away without giving her a ticket.

As we drove away she said I thought that might work with Tony. She said I didn’t want a ticket I hope you’re not mad. I laughed and said mad? I loved it. I said I don’t mind others admiring you and you showing off your long legs and sheer panties was nice. I even liked you opening your legs to give him a better look once you knew he was looking. She laughed and said oh you caught that eh? I said yes it was cute.

After our visit and on the way home I drove. It was a warm day and with the covertable top down I asked her to shorten her skirt like she did for Tony. She pulled it up like before. I said I like you showing off your legs. I dared her to take her panties off. She said is that what you really want? I said it would be nice. She smiled and slid her panties off. Her shaved P**** looked very nice. She teased by opening her legs a little. I said just let me look at you like this all the way home and I’ll be happy. She said she felt a little sexy and naughty and thought it was fun. As we drove through town she said what if someone pulls up next to us. I said if another car pulls up next to us they couldn’t see her. She giggled at a stop light with a car setting next to us and said little do they know what is showing in this car. I laughed. Just before we got home we got caught by a train. No one was next to us but a 4 WD truck was behind us. I don’t know if they could see her from behind us or not but I think they could. After a few minutes the truck behind us pulled up next to us. She saw the truck pull up and started to pull her skirt down. I said no, all the way home was the deal. She said but they can see down into the car. I said if they can they can. Have fun and show off a little. She said but you’re going to get mad. I said try me. I think she thought I would be upset and was going to teach me a lesson. She pulled her skirt up to her waist and was basically bottomless in the car. She reclined her seat back as if to enjoy the sun while we were stopped. She relaxed her long legs which allowed them to part and her pretty shaved P**** was in plain sight. I looked at her and said nice! The truck had their windows up and she couldn’t tell if they were looking or not. I said oh I’m sure they are looking. A minute or so later he rolled his window down and said catching some rays? She looked up at him and said yeah I don’t like tan lines so I thought I would catch some sun. She kind of looked down at herself realizing she was in full view for him. They carried on a little conversation until the train was gone. He said it all looks good and drove away.

When we got home she was h**** and all over me. After having s** she said how turned on she was knowing someone had been looking at her and I didn’t mind. I said i think your gorgeous and would show you off naked if I could. We have gone for a few drives since then. She wears a short button up sun dress. She likes putting the top down and going down the expressway. She unbuttons her dress and pulls it open and reclines her seat. With nothing under her dress her pretty b****** and legs and P**** are easily seen by truckers as we pass them or they pass us. Once in a while they honk their horn in approval. She loves doing this and the s** is always great later. I like showing her off. She likes being naughty. Win win.

19 days

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  • It won't be long before you want to watch someone else f****** her. You're on your way to being a cuckold!

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