She wanted more than just a nanny for her kids,

After an accident that left me recovering t home for several months. My mother had to nurse me, and help me with toilet functions. Only a mother will wipe your butt. I recovered enough to where I had mobility but I lost any desire to work. But my mother had no desire to support me so I got a job as a full time nanny for a couple of doctors.

She is a pediatrician and worked in a group of four doctors and he is an endocrinologist who works downtown. I'm walking fine now, but still with a PA for strength training of my back and core. I do my exercises during the day when the kids are taking their nap.

I was in my workout clothes, I don't wear a bra or panties when doing my PT, when he came home and caught me bent over in a position accentuating my v****. He tapped me right there and said 'nice p***y'. It was about another minute and he was inside me bent over the arm of the sofa. Daddy did the nanny.

It was wrong all the way around, but it was also very good and sweaty. He said he was home because he needed his passport to get a visa for Brazil. And oh by the way did I have a passport, I needed to go with them on vacation to Brazil. During the two weeks we were at the resort he traded off between me and his wife. We looked after the kids when we had the night off.

While I was sitting beside the pool watching the kids she came and sat beside me. "I'm happy that you're here with us'. 'The kids like you, Ed likes you and I like you'. 'I hope you like us too, when I first met you I just knew you were perfect for us'. 'You complete our family'. And with that she kissed me on the cheek.

Aug 8

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  • YESSSS!!

  • I've been having a kinky girl girl relationship with a lady I met at our kids playgroup when they were toddlers. Neither of our husbands know and neither of us want to break up our vanilla hetro marriages. The relationship is hot and bdsm kinky. She's my Dom and I'm Her sub. We get together when the kids are at school. She spanks me and makes me clean her house. We have great girl on girl contact. Touching rubbing. It benefits my husband although he doesn't realise it. I'm naturally submissive and my Dom girlfriend instructs me to look after my husband. He thinks he's a traditional husband because I cook most of the meals, always dressed cute and have s** with him whenever he wants but it's all because my Dom has instructed me.

  • Had a similar relationship with my neighbor. Then she saw my husband eyeing her and suggested she try an seduce him for his birthday. She did and I walked in. At first I was upset and disappointed but then found it so hot how my hubby was pounding her so hard.

    When they were done I licked Andrea clean and then Jim entered me from behind. We all climaxed at the same time. It was incredible.

    We have been enjoying each other for 16 years now! And now I’m the Dom. Andrea begs me for Jim’s c***. Jim goes wild over Andrea’s petite stature and fire red bush. I love being in control.

  • If you reversed the roles and your husband was doing that to you, how would you feel about it?

  • Do you love your husband?

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