I'm in a relationship with a woman going on 12 months

I had a friend in college who was busted selling to minors and they threw the book at him and gave him ten years. He contacted me by mail and wanted me to come to the prison to see him. A friend of mine went on the 300 mile trip with me and we stayed in a motel near the prison. I had the appointment scheduled for the next day.

At the prison I was searched, and I had to strip down to my panties. At least I didn't have a cavity search. I saw him, we talked but I felt nothing for him. If he got the sentence he must have been selling to minors. I left and decided I would not go back.

Back with my friend at the motel I told her I felt guilty about it and I also told her about being stripped searched. She told me that if I showed my b**** to that black jail guard the least I could do is show her my t***. We got topless down to our panties and she got on top of me, straddled sitting on my hips. She told me she wanted me and now was as good a time as any. I agreed and let her make love to me. She was serious about it and spent a lot of time kissing me and touching me before getting down to business and giving me oral and making me o*****.

I have gotten over my guilt but I have not gotten over her and we make love whenever we can. She's told me and I believe her that she is a full fledged lesbian. I don't think I am. I have no desire to bed with another woman other than her. She tells me how much she loves me and we are an item, and when she presents me to her friends she calls me her 'girlfriend'. When my friends are involved it is more subdued, liked this my best friend.

She bought me a promise ring which I wear because I don't want to hurt her feelings. I spend the night with her and we've gone on long weekend trips by car so that we can be alone together. We've made love so many times that I am past any form of inhibition with her and if she wants me naked then I get naked.

Sorry, but that's it. My friend in prison is there but I won't go back to see him. I'm sorry but he is not my responsibility. I did write him a letter and told him I was dating 'Emma' and that we were in serious talks about getting married. Since I wrote him he hasn't sent me another letter.

26 days

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  • If you have no feelings for her - stop stringing her along. Otherwise you're just a user.

  • I spent five years on a ten year sentence and my girlfriend dropped me. I didn't blame her, and I don't blame you. But getting with a woman is something I don't buy unless you are a lesbian. Once maybe, but that's not what you say.

    I was released on probation and home confinement. I can't get a professional license, not as a plumber or an electrician, or any kind of profession. I work in IT tech support. I have a girlfriend now, and we will be for ever lower middle class. That's the rest of my sentence.

    I sold to minors, high school kids, from college parties. I knew they were minors and it wasn't the first time when I got busted in a sting. The law is clear, so I got sent to prison and ruined my life.

    Back to you, you are a lesbian. Period. You just needed to trigger opportunity go down that path.

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