First let me say this happened 20 years ago. When I was a 16 year old teenage boy I really had the hots for a friends 13 year old sister. I had no luck with her. I kept talking to her brother for some help.
One day he invited me over and said he had good news. I broke a speed record getting there. When i got there he gave a hard time and teased me. Finally he said "OK, come on". We went down the hall to his room. I NEVER expected this! When we walked into his room his sister was sitting on his bed, NAKED! I was like WTF! He looked at me and laughed as he started taking off his clothes. He looked at her and said "you ready?" She nodded "yes". He climbed on the bed and she started sucking his d***. He looked at me and said "you wanted it, join in". In just a minute he pushed her down on the bed, got between her legs and started f****** her.
I freaked out and left. I couldn't believe it, I wanted her so bad and now it was just icky. I never looked at her, or him, the same way. I kept my mouth shut but didn't hang around with him any more. Definitely didn't want her.

12 days

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  • I knew a guy back in high school that had s** with his sister. When out of their parents range he treated her like a girlfriend rather than a sister. Never shared her either.

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