Wife gets Tattooed

My wife decided she wanted to get a tattoo. I asked what and where? She said just a small rose tattoo and pointed to her bikini area. She said she wanted it below the top of her bikini and just to the right. She said she wanted to be able to cover it with a modest swimsuit bottom and show it in her thong bikini bottom. I am not a fan of tattoos but agreed that if she wanted one she should get one.

I took her to the tattoo parlor and the gal helping her pick out a tattoo and finding out where she wanted it said it would be about an hour before she could get it done. We said ok and went across the street to a bar to get a drink while we waited. My wife was very nervous and was happy to get a drink to maybe help her relax. When we went back the gal took us into a room and started setting things up. My wife pulled up her skirt and pulled her ** to the side to show the gal where she wanted the tattoo. She told my wife to take her skirt off so it wouldn’t get in the way. My wife took her skirt off (it was a short skirt). The gal had her lay down on the table so she could put the stencil of the tattoo on my wife. She told my wife to relax because this part doesn’t hurt. When my wife pulled her ** to one side so she could put the stencil on the gal told her that it might be easier if she took her ** off so that she could hold onto the side of the table or my hand during the tattoo. She said I’m not going to lie to you, this area is very tender and the tattoo would probably sting while it was being done. She said after the tattoo was done that she would not be able to let her ** touch that area but her skirt should not be a problem. My wife looked at me and I said if you want it you should probably do like she said. My wife looked at her very nervously and said ok if that’s what she needed. The gal was very nice and told my wife to relax and then she carefully took my wife’s ** down and off her feet. I have to admit that seeing this gal take my wife’s ** off was kind of hot. My wife now naked from the waist down (she kept her high heels on) was a little embarrassed as the gal put the stencil on her. The gal said you know you didn’t have to shave all of it for this tattoo. My wife laughed and said he likes it that way so I keep it completely shaved all the time. The gal looked at me and I said she’s not lying I like it that way. She said oh I’m not judging I do the same thing because I like it that way myself I just thought she might have done it for the tattoo. She proceeded to place the stencil outline on my wife. My wife was looking at me embarrassed because the gal was working so close on the stencil. When she was finished she said we will give that just a minute and we’ll get started. She left the room and my wife said well I’m sure she has had other customers with tattoos in the same area. She said I just felt like she was getting a close up view. I smiled and said she was. My wife looked at me with a surprised look and blushed. I laughed and said you do look hot laying here on the table. She looked down at herself naked from the waist down and said if course you are liking this and laughed. The gal came back in and took the stencil paper off leaving the outline of my wife’s tattoo. The gal said are you ready to get started? My wife laughed and said as ready as I will ever be. The gal positioned the tattoo equipment so it was within easy reach. Then the gal poked her head out of the room and said she’s ready. Then she walked around to the other side of the table. My wife looked at her and said you aren’t doing the tattoo? She said no, I’m just the assistant.

My wife said oohh noo. The gal said just try to relax, he’s very good. My wife said he? About the same time a guy walked in about 6’4” and about 220 pounds and looked at my and said let’s get you a tattoo. My wife turned beat red as he examined the stencil and my wife naked from the waist down. He smiled and said relax I’ve seen these before. He was probably 35 or 40. Same age as my wife and I. He sat down on a stool and picked up a tattoo gun and said try to hold still this is going to sting a little. He had just started tattooing and my wife was wincing in pain. Squeezing the table on one side and my hand on the other. He paused and said I know it hurts sweetie but try to hold still. He continued. As he was about halfway done with the outline my wife was arching her back from the sting. She lifted her leg and he stopped. He said I’m trying to get this done as quick as I can. He looked at his assistant and said can you help hold her legs down if she start to lift them. I don’t want to ** this up. The assistant put her hands on my wife’s knees. Before he started again he said to my wife, I need to get a better position and put my elbow on the table to get this done as quick as we can. My wife said do what you gotta do we can’t stop now. He said again try to relax. He motioned to his assistant and the assistant said relax sweetie I’m just going to move you a little. She pushed my wife’s right knee to the edge of the table and then pulled my wife’s left foot to the other side and said just let this leg hang off the side of the table. This made room for his elbow on the table between her legs. My wife looked at me and mouthed to me without saying anything “my legs are open he can see it all for sure now”. Then he started again and she squeezed my hand from the stinging and I think her legs open was the last thing she was thinking about. It took about 30 more minutes to finish the tattoo with color. When he said ok we’re done my wife opened her eyes and said oh thank goodness. He got up and left the room. The assistant said just relax I’m going to put some ointment on the tattoo and a little clear plastic over that to keep it from drying out. When the assistant was done she said now just relax for about 10 minutes and I will get you some ointment to take with you As she started to leave the room she said its ok to move just don’t touch the tattoo. She said its ok to put both legs back on the table. My wife laughed and said she was so glad to have it over that she had forgotten about her legs being open. The assistant came back into the room with the ointment and gave it to my wife with instructions. She then told my wife to put her skirt back on but not her **. She said try not to let anything rub against it until she goes to bed and then she could put more ointment on it and it should be fine tomorrow. My wife put her skirt on and we left. My wife said I need another drink. We went back across the street to the bar. We just stood at the bar because my wife said it was more comfortable than sitting. The bartender recognized us from earlier and said how did the tattoo come out. My wife said good. He said where is it let’s see it. My wife laughed and turned her right side towards the bartender and pulled the right side of her skirt up to show him the tattoo. She kept herself covered and only showed the tattoo. He said nice! We finished our drinks and went home. We laughed until tears were in our eyes about everything that had happened. She said laughing, I was so embarrassed when he came into the room. She said and her pushing my legs open so he could rest his elbow on the table was embarrassing. She said except for the pain I wondered if he was looking at my lips. I laughed and said he was. My wife laughed and then laughed harder when she remembered when it was over the assistant told me I could put my leg’s together. I have to admit that as much as I don’t like tattoos this one still looks good on my wife and I don’t mind her wearing a skimpy swimsuit to the beach that shows her tattoo. We still laugh at how embarrassed she was getting it.

Sep 17
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  • My gf got a tattoo just above her p**** and was in a similar position. Naked from the waist down I watched the tattooist rest his elbow on the table between her legs. I don’t know what she expected getting a tattoo in that area but her bare shaved p**** was clearly visible as she laid on the table with her legs open for his elbow. I enjoyed watching but she was embarrassed saying she thought she would be covered except for where the tattoo was going.

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