Runaway 30 years later

I ran away at 16 and a college guy driving thru picked me up and kept me. He put me in school where he was going to college, said he was my older brother. At the time not too many questions were asked, or they believed him and that was that. I graduated with good enough grades that he put me through college and when I was done he put me to do the work for which I was born.

I never worked a real job, I basically am one of those women who had children and took care of a home. Worked volunteer work, much of it around my children's activities, and enjoyed being a housewife and mother.

From time to time someone will ask how we met. We never tell the truth, that I was a runaway and he picked me up and kept me. We have to lie. We have a story that passes curiosity and we have repeated it and it is the story we use with our children. Of course the truth is not so nice, not really. He picked me up and took advantage of it in the motel where we stayed the first night. Runaways know that ** is involved in just about everything, it's the only currency you have, so I had ** and got a bed and food for the night.

It was after checking out and dropping me off at a McDonald's by the highway that he came back and said 'get in, I might was well keep you'. I was in his bed from the time he kept me, while he finished college and while I went and finished high school and college. I didn't get married until I was out of college. He obtained a birth certificate with this man who got those kind of papers and that's what I used for identification. I was 21 when I got married.

He sent an anonymous note to my parents telling them I was alive and taken care of, but that was all. We haven't communicated with them otherwise. I have no desire for that past and I don't want my children to know about them. They are people, but that's that. If they met me now they would ask for money, they wouldn't care about me, never did. That's the kind of people they are.

Sep 20

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