How my mother-in-law became a nudist with us

Nudist family in the Midwest and kept pursuing the lifestyle into adulthood. So, when I met my wife at a friend's wedding in Lodi, California, it wasn't long before she came to knew I was a nudist.
She was (and still is) a beautiful Chinese woman from Hohhot in the inner-northern part of China. She had come to the US for school in 2007 and we met when I was 26 and she was 20 in 2009. We connected on so many things, but she had never explored or even thought of nudism as a way of living. But to my surprise, she was open to it when I confessed, I was a nudist on our third date after having had ** for the first time together. From then on, whenever we had the opportunity, we did not wear clothes together. Our first ** date was at the northern part of Baker Beach in SF. She was a bit nervous, but after 15 minutes, she said she loved it.
In 2013, she moved in with me and we never wore clothes at home except when she was on that time of the month. She went on a trip that summer with me back to Iowa to spend 2 months with my family. My parents, two older sisters and younger sister (I was the lone boy of the bunch), my wife, and I spent that June and July completely ** the entire time. My wife said it was unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life, and she felt so welcomed, loved, and free. She told me that that was when she fully embraced nudism as an essential core part of her life, and she never wanted to go back to wearing clothes again except when necessary or by law.
In 2014, we had two weddings. One was for friends and her family, and the other was a small, private wedding which was our official wedding, in the ** at a friend's winery in Galt. Her parents weren't invited as she was uncertain that they would be comfortable being **- her mom knew and seemed open, but her dad hated us being nudists and did not like me too much for it. We were wed completely ** before my family and 10 other friends at the winery. Shortly after we moved to Elk Grove, California.
In 2016, her dad had a heart attack in China, so we visited her family for a week while we mourned his loss. Her mom moved to the US in 2017 near us. My mother-in-law knew of our nudism like I said and saw our official wedding photos. Whenever she came over to our house, my wife and I never got dressed. Before, she was somewhat against us being nudists- but I suspect it was because of her husband-, but after his passing, she never seemed against it. We had her over quite frequently for meals and holidays. She was always dressed, and we were always **.
In 2018 we decided to have her live with us as she lost her job and had no way of paying rent and spent so much time with us anyway. I gave her the ultimatum though, that if she lived with us, that within a year's time, she would either have to live like us as a nudist or find a way to live on her own again. I somewhat minded that she was dressed when visiting us but wasn't okay with it if she lived with us. She agreed and slowly transitioned to becoming a nudist. She first went around ** and eventually just wore underwear and then after two months of living with us, she completely went **, and a week after shaved (both my wife and I do not have pubic hair which is pretty common in the nudist community these days). To celebrate, we took her to the local nudist resort, Laguna del Sol. It was probably the only time I've seen so many people looking at us as Asians in the nudist community aren't very prevalent, let alone seeing an older Asian woman like my mother-in-law. But it went well, and she came to love the lifestyle like her daughter. My wife is so happy to have introduced her mom to nudism and that they can share this lifestyle together. ...and just to clear the waters here, no, nothing ever sexual has happened between my mother-in-law and I, nor do I ever want that. I'm not turned on by her, but I am grateful to be able to share nudism with her. Some may never be able to understand this, but whatever. I'm just confessing about my unique family.
Through nudism, my mother-in-law was able to shed some cultural hang-ups she had and became open to the gay community. In 2020, she confessed to my wife and I that she realized she was a lesbian. My wife and I supported and encouraged her and so my mother-in-law publicly came out as lesbian, and we got to celebrate with her at the Pride parade in SF that June. It wasn't until this February that she started dating our good friend, Angela. Angela is only five years older than my wife, but my wife saw how Angela and her mom were together and we encouraged them to try dating. They got engaged and married in August this year and now live with us! My wife said it is weird to think that she now has a stepmom, but she is glad it is our friend. Our family and our life aren't conventional, but I'm grateful for what we have.

Sep 22

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