Got a bumper sticker that I hope gets through to people.

Whenever I go out somewhere and I stop at a red light but need to make a right turn, there will usually be two of the standard signs. "Stop Here On Red" or "No Turn On Red". The thing is, I always follow the traffic laws and I never turn on red. However, even though I do what the sign says, sometimes a car behind me will honk their horn to force me to go. Of course, I still won't turn right until the light is green. Well, I got sick and tired of drivers blaring their horns at me to try to get me to go so, yesterday, I went on Amazon and purchased a bumper sticker that says in big capital letters, "THIS VEHICLE DOES NOT TURN RIGHT ON RED". Considering how aggressive more drivers are getting these days, I'm kind of hoping it will drive the point home. Honk all you want, it won't make me move until the light is green.

Oct 4

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