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So I'm 19 almost 20 and I've always felt for older men. There is this older man who comes into my job all the time but he was always married and has 3 girls. He recently has told me that when he was at the bar he's seen me a few times (I live right across from a bar) He always would throw in things like "I'm on my own now" or saying stuff like "Can you believe I'm 37 already?" and he's just always smiling at me and making eye contact that lasts for a long time. So I hadn't seen him in about a month and so I saw him working over outside on the bar and I went over there and asked if he needed anything like water or food (It was hot out and he looked stressed) and he was very surprised and stopped working and came closer and kept saying thank you and asked me where I was headed and I told him work and he frowned and said "well stop by to see me soon!" and So I saw him the next day and we just had a normal casual conversation about the weather... and then he asked what I was up to later and I WAS BUSY!!!! Ugh and I haven't seen him in a way I could talk to him and have a conversation with him. I saw him at a red light we have right by my job and when his light turned green he stopped and rolled his window down to wave to me...

What I'm concerned about now is I feel like he may be back with his wife or something but I'm not sure and I don't know how to tell if he's interested in me... and I don't know what to do. I don't have his number and I don't know how to see him enough to engage in a conversation where our numbers would be exchanged. I just don't know how he looks at this.

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  • You say he's not married? But he's also a man with 3 children. Are you ready for that kind of commitment, if it comes to that? You're sort of a kid yourself. No disrespect, but you're young and the world is at your feet. If you meet up with him, just keep things really casual if you can. Don't get too wrapped up in him. Just because he's some older guy, doesn't mean he's the one. He's just the one right now who's been flirting with you. How he looks at this ..he's 37, newly divorced (or so he says) with 3 kids and you're 20. It's about s**.

  • When a marriage goes cold a man like me is torn. I love my wife and kids and I don't want to leave them. But there is a hole or a loneliness there. Along comes nubile young girl. Once again I feel alive. My adrenaline flows. It's exciting. I buy a new car. I buy her presents. Shopping together. And s** like I haven't had in years. Mind blowing s**. Then I go home to my wife and kids who I love very much and the lack of s** is irrelevant. I love them and somehow all is peaceful and in place.

    So you see young girl, I'm not looking for a new wife. You are just a part of my life. Filling a need. Understand that and enjoy the ride but then go find a free man to marry. Because you see I still love my wife.

  • Also, you remind me of my very stupid and selfish ex-wife. She had s** with married men in the hopes that he would leave their wives and children and marry her. Women who do this are of low character. Do you really want to be a selfish b**** and ruin a wife's life?

  • They are divorced so techically I wouldn't be ruining a marriage.

  • He's trying to get in your pants. He'll go back to his wife after he uses you and there you will be broken hearted. Even if he marries you there will always be a connection between him and his children and his ex-wife. Your bet bet is to get a young man your own age and forget this guy.

  • Just understand it. He is using you for s** and you are getting something out of it. Enjoy the ride while it's on and after just move on.

  • Understand you will always be the s** toy

  • Please don't get involved. Find yourself a nice younger guy without children. I have experience with this. If you continue with him your life will be a mess. It's your own choice of course but you're at such a young age you should enjoy life instead of throwing it away!

  • Don't get involved with this mess. The less baggage the better, at your age. Trust me, with your current state of judgment, you will create plenty of your own. You don't need his too.

  • Ask for his number and start speaking to him first .. u ll come to know within a couple of weeks if he likes you or not

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