Step daughter

My 25 year old step daughter is a nut job, vegan, financial strain. She recently broke up with her boyfriend who made amazing money at an IT company. Once they broke up, she realized she couldn’t afford living on her own. She basically begged her mother and myself to allow her to turn our garage into a tiny apartment while she saves money to try and get a new place.

I said my only rule was she paid $200 a month to her mother for hydro, water and heat. Well the first two months were fine and she paid up, but in October no money was given. So I confronted her about it, and explained she can’t live here for free as moneys tight now with Christmas coming up.

She replied that money was tight for her also, as she had gotten a speeding ticket and a failure to yield ticket all in the same day. So there goes $500 plus dollars out of her pocket for October. I told her not my issue, and that she needed to sort her ** life out. So I left the garage and went back inside.

About fifteen minutes passed by and I got a text asking me to come back out to the garage. I went back out and she was standing there in a pair of see through bra and **. Now she doesn’t have the best body, small **, no ** or hips, and a little belly. But she honest to god looks like Scarlett Johansson.

She said to me, keep this a secret and I’ll let you take as many pics or video of me as you want, in exchange for the $200. I told her no as I’m (a) in love with her mother, and (b) didn’t want her having something she could hold over my head. Needless to say I was looking at her basically naked body the whole time we were talking.

I then recommended if she wanted to make money to start and OF account. If she was willing to let me take pics/video of her for a measly $200, she shouldn’t have an issue with other random guys that she doesn’t know doing it, and turned and walked out of the garage.

Now I’m just waiting to see if she does it and if so I’ll be sure to post the address here so you can all follow her and tell her how stupidly horrible she is, and that she needs to get her ** life together. On a side note I ** her mothers brains out that night thinking about her naked daughter.

Nov 4

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  • Yeah she's never leaving! You're **!

  • Wtf is wrong with you?

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