My first time was with an older co-worker

I was raised in a strict Christian home and also attended a private Christian school. After graduation, I tried a semester of college but it wasn't for me. I got a full time job working at an automotive parts factory. It's a Mon - Friday, 40hrs, benefits and starting pay is $26 per hr.
I mostly keep to myself because I learned quickly there's a lot of 'work drama' going on.
Jane works the same shift and started taking lunch with me. She's 34, divorced and shares custody of a 10 year old.
She asked if I was seeing anyone, I told her not at the moment. I've been on a few dates but nothing serious. Most girls I went to school with were not allowed to 'date' I could only see them at school or church functions. I've asked out a few other girls and got shot down.
She's been divorced 3 years and hasn't been out once.
It was Friday and she asked if I could meet her at Home Depot to haul some outdoor furniture to her house. I have a truck and she only has a Honda car.
I agreed. After we moved the furniture on her balcony, she asked me to stay for a few. Her ex had her son for the weekend and she had no plans. I didn't either.
We chatted outside then things got flirty. She pulled me to her bedroom. She gave me my first **. I didn't last. She was cool with it and told me we had plenty of time. She admitted not being on birth control so I stepped out to get condoms. When I got back she was wearing a ** outfit and we had **.
We ordered delivery and had ** one more time before I left.
Things have been normal between us at work. She's cool to chat with and we text all the time.
Her ex has her son every other weekend. On those weekends, I'll meet up with her on Friday night and Saturday for **. She's not looking for anything serious right now but would like for us to continue having a sexual relationship.
I'm OK with it but should I continue? It seems like both of us are OK with the arrangement.

Nov 8

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I hate homeless people.

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  • I got pregnant at 16 and married the father and after 22 years we're still together today.
    Our parents helped us with rent and bills. He got on with his dad's HVAC company after graduating high school. I started cleaning houses while my mom or my mother in law watched our daughter.
    I cleaned for a guy that was a widower, retired and 65 years old. He was tall and fit for his age. He liked to flirt and I enjoyed the attention.
    Our car broke down and I had to borrow my moms. It was going to cost $200 for the part and my husband and father in law could install it. We'd leaned on them too much already so I was asking my clients if there was any extra work I could do for them. Well, that started a 3 year agreement. Anytime I needed extra cash, I'd have ** with him.
    This may sound bad but he was bigger and better in bed than my husband too. LOL

  • My older co-worker story happened 25 years ago. I was a junior in high school working part-time as a cashier at a chain pharmacy to pay my car payment.
    He was with a pharmacist late 40s, married and had a daughter two years older than me.
    I stayed there all through college and we hooked up a lot and often! I was there 6.5 years. lol
    I guess I should add that I had a boyfriend at the time. We got married after college and I'm still married to him today.
    I hooked up with him a few times after I got married but finally had to call things off because we were planning to get pregnant.

  • Enjoy it while you can

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