Everybody thinks I'm a little angel but I am really evil

People think I'm a little angel because I look sweet and innocent and I'm a petite girl of 17 with a cute voice. But there's a devil in me. I keep it hidden so nobody can see what I'm really like, and I do evil things in a sneaky way so no one knows I did them. Worst evil thing I have done so far is to set fire to my teacher's house who gave me a B and screwed up my perfect A grades.

I balled when I saw that crummmy B. Then I felt anger grow inside me until I had to get even. I deserved an A, damn it! The anger kept bugging me like a hungry wolf that needed to eat until I had to do something to satisfy it.

So I got the brainstorm to burn down my teacher's house and felt a calmness in my soul. Long story short, when my teacher was on vacation in Florida, I lit her house on fire and snuck away without anyone seeing me. But the next day I found out on the news somehow fire-fighters found out the house was burning and put out the fire before it burned the whole house down. I was p***** about that, but at least I got a little even and I'm at peace with that, and at least I didn't kill my teacher, though I thought about doing it.

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  • A.J. Lee?? Is that you????

  • this b**** is sexy as f****** h***

  • Ok its not just me

  • No, it is so TOTALLY not just you. She is unbelievably sexy and we all want her. She is serious marriage material.

  • Suuuuure marry her and when next you p*** her off watch out for the revenge she gonna get on you.

  • .....effin A...........

  • Why, why, WHY would you post your age and description when confessing anonymously to a crime?

  • Your EVIL.

  • You're a b****. Hope that helps. Squadfather.

  • I think that an A student would know how to spell "bawled."

  • Lol so true

  • I don't know. I've met some pretty dumb A students. Dumb as a bag of hammers and no common sense.

  • Yea, and this one lit someone's house on fire for getting a B. Not the smartest thing, really.

  • I think I love you. Name's Ralph and I am 18 and live in New Jersey. I like tropical fish, show tunes, stamp collecting, doing crossword puzzles, playing the trumpet and watching Glee. I am kinda shy but I think you could open me up. There's something about you that attracts me and makes me feel less shy. Maybe we could meet somewhere. Even if you're a thousand miles away from me I would find a way to meet you. If we clicked, I would move to where you live or you could come to Jersey and even see where that fab show Jersey Shores was filmed. I am in Food Service and can find work anywhere. Well that's all I got for now. Lots of love and big kisses, your secret admirer, Ralph

  • Psst ralph my name is nathan and i got a huge ding d*** i want to shove up your ass, i am in my early forty and i live in jersey too, we should really meet up and talk about what i said here.

  • 3 reasons your a dumbass 1 You sound like a rapist stalking prey 2 She'd probably burn your d*** off if you didn't give her an o***** and 3 YOU CAN'T BE A SECRET ADMIRER IF YOU TOLD HER YOUR NAME AND LOCATION............ (sighs) dumbass

  • Just what i was thinking!!!

  • You are an insane clown posse of one.

  • You sound like a spoild immature brat who couldn't handle the truth, you really need to learn that the world doesn't revolve around you but rather you around the world so learn to accept and deal with the fact that you may not always get what you want out of life, if not you'll be in for a rude awakening someday...

  • wish you were my g/f. god u r soooo sexy.

  • I totally agree with this guy. You really are sexy. Damn!!

  • How do u know shes sexy have u met her idiots SHES A CRMINAL!

  • she is not sexy. she is sick and she needs to get professionaly help.

  • I like her. She has more b**** than most men.

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