My Perfect Christian Pageant Queen Wife

I lucked out with my wife; she is a total Valley Girl but -very- Christian with that whole purity culture ** hangup but also totally obsessed with her appearance, which is totally cool in my mind. Her and her girlfriends at church all look the same, dress the same, go shopping and visit the nail salon together...yet viciously always comparing themselves and competing with each other in "looking perfect." I subtely encourage her in all her excesses with her looks by making sure she is counting her calories and obsessively watching her weight. I love her in heavy makeup which she basically has on 24/7; she wouldn't dare allow me to see her without it as she gets up 5am so she's all made up by the time I get up for work. Acrylic nails and French pedis are mandatory, but she was like that already. It helps if you're attracted to girly-girls to find a woman already sorta into that whole vibe to begin with. I am really pushing her now to start applying for various Mrs Beauty Pageants so she is always in a state of perfecting her outward appearance, projecting the appropriate beauty standards out into the world, while at the same time looking ** and desirable for me.

Getting back to the **, purity culture screwed her up so she has an ingrained aversion and hatred for ** yet at the same time is committed to being the perfect example of a Christian submissive wife and helpmeet. My wife never denies me ** and knows her body belongs to me via the blanket consent given to me via the marriage vows on our wedding day. She feels it's her utmost duty to protect me from the temptation of ** & **, which to her mind would be the most devastating thing she could comprehend. All of the husbands of her girlfriends at church struggle with ** so she has vowed to again be the "perfect" Christian wife and never fail to meet my needs in the bedroom lest I fall into biblical immorality. (Even though she is not much into actual love-making and fakes her **, intent on making sure I'm the one having the best experience, like a true Christ-like suffering servant. ) ** don't interest her...she has no desire for oral stimulation on herself (okay with me!) and is repulsed by her own **, which I don't allow her to play with anyway. On the other hand, servicing my ** with her mouth has been elevated to a nearly worshipful exercise in our daily routine; she knows to ** me to completion, on her knees, at least once or twice a day.

Well it's not all roses and easy living for me, now she thinks she wants a baby , and that will completely throw off our vibe. I am not sure how pregnancy will change her body; as of right now her ** is pristine as can be. Sigh. Well there is always vaginal rejuvenation, the husband stitch, kegels, and breast augmentation to keep her hubby happy after baby comes, I suppose. Whatever it takes so I don't turn to those ** on the internet for gratification, that would equal complete failure in her mind. Well if she insists on getting preggers, there's
something to look forward to I guess.

Dec 3

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  • If she's already a health freak, she will probably rebound well after childbirth. It's all about genetics and age. She sounds so obsessed with her appearance I'm sure she will go on some crazy bender of a diet to lose all the baby weight.

    As for her P****.. Child birth wrecked my wife lol. It still feels amazing and I love going down on her but it definitely looks like someone stuck an M80 in a thanksgiving turkey

  • My wife had two children, both vaginal delivery. Her pu*** felt and tasted the same, after childbirth.

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