Swim Lessons

When I was in eighth grade I was taking swimming lessons in the evenings at the local high school. And as always I was there and wearing my swim trunks before anyone else arrived because my mother always dropped me off early after work. You see, I was entering the building from the back, as it were. The doorway was just there, off to the left, and the door was constantly propped open, so I never questioned it because I couldn't see the sign on the door. Of the weeks I took lessons there, that was the only locker room I had ever located. What I didn't realize was I had been changing all that time in the women's locker room. That was until the night the adult lessons ended earlier than usual as I think they alternated times, so they ended sometime after us usually. This night though, they must have finished up just after the youth lessons while I was taking a quick shower because I have a slight skin allergy to chlorine. I had no towel at the time as I was walking back to my locker to get dressed when a couple of women and their instructor decided to join me in the locker room. I vividly recall the shocked expressions on everyone's faces, which was one of the most embarrassing incidents of my life. Since I was naked and all my clothing was inside the locker - which, incidentally I could hardly remember the combination to - naturally as one can imagine I found myself unable to flee. So I had to get dressed as fast as I could while they stood there watching and whispering in disbelief while I clumsily started putting on my clothes. I stopped lessons after that incident of course, don't think the authorities were ever called though...

Dec 11

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  • For some strange reason I've kinda always wanted something like that to happen. I'm a nudist. Yet never been around others. I'm incredibly insecure about anyone seeing my small **. Yet I accept my body the way it is. A Paradox I know.

  • Maybe he's one of them transgender folks?

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