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About a week later my wife return from work one evening and during eating dinner said ok I don’t want you to make any arrangements for the weekend no golf no social events anything do understand me. Yes I said if you wish ok. I don’t wish it I’m telling you understand me it’s not for questioning it’s what I expect.

On Saturday I’m meeting a friend for shopping and lunch while I’m gone I expect you to make yourself into the women I saw last week and be ready for when I return. Do you mean exactly same I asked. I don’t care what you wear she said but I want you totally made up as you were last week hair done nails painted toes also full make up on everything perfectly done. I asked my wife can I wear stockings please. Yes you said you prefer them to tights so I think you should keep it that way.

On Saturday morning about 10 am my wife said ok I’m going now I will be back later around 3 pm so you’ve got 5 hours at least to transform yourself into your female self do you understand. Is everything going to be ok with us I asked. She looked at me and said I will decide how everything will be in the future and you will be told when I decide to tell you understand this you don’t from this point onwards question me you do as your told you don’t question or argue with me do you understand me. I replied yes I do. Good now I’m going I suggest you start to get ready I sure it takes you sometime.

With that my wife left the house and drove away. I spent the next four hours showering doing my hair make up apply my nails and painting them also my toes. Once I was hapyeith my appearance I choose my favorite black and red basque with attachable suspenders it has matching ** also i accompanied this with seamed black stockings but this time fishnets. I put on a red and black trimmed dress fairly tight fitting and mid thigh in length to match my unseen underwear and decided to wear a pair of knee high black boots I had brought some time ago to complete my look.

Another check of my make up I decided to borrow a red clutch handbag if my wife’s and but my make up bag lipstick and phone in in it. Then I also borrowed a few sprays of her Channel No 5 perfume behind my ears on on my wrists.

It was around two pm when I finally got downstairs made myself coffee and then my phone message sounded I took my phone from my handbag and saw a messages from my wife saying I’m going to be a little later than I said but listen for my car and open the front door for me when I arrive.

It seemed like hours but then I heard the sound of my wife’s car and rushed to the door to open it for her. She walked into the lounge sat down and said good you did as to were told looking me up and down. Now go and make me a coffee and we will talk about both our futures or at least I will and you will listen.

I brought my wife’s coffee and said what are we going to do please I want everything to be as it was. She looked at me and said you really don’t think that’s possible do you after 11 years of marriage I discover your more interested in dressing and being a women than being a man to your wife can you deny that. No I know I can’t I said but. Stop there she said no buts no arguments or opinions from this day your going to do as your told when your told do you understand me.

If this is who you want to be and clearly it is considering the attention and effort you put into looking like a women I’m going to make your dream come true 24/7 365 days a year
but I make it totally clear you will not question me argue with me do as I say unequivocally do you understand me. Think carefully as this is a big moment for you if you agree then there is no going back if you don’t well I will seriously think about divorce.

I looked at my wife and I agree I promise you I understand what you are saying. She smiled at me and said good now we understand each other. Ok first thing on Monday you will phone work and tell them you are resigning your position with immediate effect no notice period. You mean quit my job I asked. Yes didn’t you hear me.

The following week you will start in a new job with my company. I have secured you a position as my administrative secretary. It’s a working from home position you will carry out all my administrative tasks as well as organizing my diary meetings schedules etc arranging my hotels flights travel arrangements of any kind. Effectively you will become my secretary and as such carry out anything I tell you. I expect you to dress professionally and present yourself fully made up at all times is that understood.You will earn £17000 per annum but your salary will be paid into my savings accounts and you will close all your bank accounts and transfer all monies into my current accounts and I will allocate as I see fit.

If your in need of clothes underwear shoes make up etc I will allocate money for your purchases as long as I approve of them

You will have a one month probation period and the en of this I expect you to be fully conversant of your new role. Again you don’t question argue or make excuses you do as your told and make sure you understand you new role is my secretary and I am your boss.

You will over the weekend bag and remove all you males clothes and take them to a charity shop I will look at your present female wardrobe and assess it and see what is needed for you to look correct in your working role. Outside of work you will change into something more domesticated and as such you will now become the sole owner and responsible for all domestic work cleaning cooking wash ironing in fact everything and anything I tell you need to be done. You will also move out of our bedroom and into another spare room and at set up another room as your office for your new job.

You will now dress as a women 24/7 and I mean completely as you are now. You will concentrate on being a women that knows her place and position and dedicate yourself to your boss her needs and wants is that understood.

Yes I told my wife I under you Good she said now we are getting somewhere. Eventually I will replace your previous role with a Real Man don’t worry he won’t replace you he will give me what you can no longer do you understand. You will accept this and respect him as your wife’s lover is that understood.

And so began my new life as my wife’s ** all because a meeting she was to attend was canceled and she returned home

Dec 13

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  • I'm not a fulltime "girl" but haven't had sexual relations of any type unless dressed as one for years. That includes when my wife's boyfriend is over. It was humiliating initially but I've actually come to enjoy this company.

  • She didn't even make you bend down and kiss her feet? bla.,

  • Load of bs, your keyboard has diarrhea, turn that thing off!
    No worries if you like dressing feminine, lots of guys are sissies.

  • The f is this?

  • Ugh - boring!

  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  • Wow, you’re a huge loser!

  • Goodluck with that thooo I hope it all works out for u

  • You dont even get to be her lover anymore, you are her slave Lol I wouldn't mind it as long as We're still a couple and we get to do it and I get to work my job but 17k pounds annually???

  • Wow welll ** bro.... I couldnt ever do thatt,

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