When I used to work at Burger King, I would occasionally get my kicks by grinding up my girlfriend's 'Morning After Pills' and adding the powder to the food of the customers. My associates used to refer to me as King Estrin. You see Estrin derived from horse pee is a parent structure of the estrogen steroid hormones estradiol, estrone, and estriol, which have also been known to wreak havoc of the male ** drive as those rude single men were my primary target.

Dec 13

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  • If my girlfriend did this to me it would be the last time we watched Lifetime movies together. Those days and nights of watching QVC would be over with as well.

  • Since she started slipping me her birth control, my partner and I go shopping together and are closer than ever before.

  • Yeah I hear ya, time for Plan B...

  • Yeah no one called you that. You're full of **.

  • Yes, KING ESTRIN is probably the artist formerly known as Floor Spice from the Funny Farm, where life is wonderful all the time...

  • Did anyone ever ask what's in the water, or what is in our pharmaceuticals? They are doing this to everyone!

  • My son emulated this little prank, he's looking at 2 to 5 years for 2nd degree assault...

  • ** move.

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