i've just tried to strangle myself, and

i've just tried to strangle myself, and i stopped because the pounding in my head got to me and my throat hurt. i think i'm going to do it again, and i want to tell someone but i don't want to be an attentionseeking loser.

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  • Oh n I have the perfect site 4 help after spending 2-3 yrs finding help dadada https://public.mc.hostedcc.com/whatsupnz/forms/Chat/Chat
    This may help =)
    Only tried once tho hehe 😋

  • Ignore those hateful comments just shows how disgusting their hearts are

  • F*** all those religious s*** and those a******* that think its funny to joke about this... i just attempted myself and found this trying to seek help, all this just triggers people to want to feel even more s*****, its cyber bullying people and it kills too.... i wish there was actually help on things like this

  • I know how you feel. sorry i cant help you, but i cant even help myself.

  • Please don't do it. I tried it right Noe... On my birthday... And I realized how pathetic I felt. This day was a day to celebrate my life and I lived another day. Cutting it short because of crap I couldn't deal with made me feel like a failure. Sometimes people don't care and there's nothing you can do about it. I'll never do this again but wanna tell you, f*** it. U can't control what happens to you, you have to be a hardass and deal with life like ALL of our ancestors did. Don't run.

  • I tried it too. I felt like I was about to pass out but I wasn't capable of continuing. I know what it feels like to want to die. It sucks. And I want you to know that I'm here for you. If you need someone to talk to just let me know? Everyone below are losers. They should be 100% ashamed for saying those rude things to you. Suicide is not a thing to joke about. It f****** hurts. I just want you to know that I love you. Stay strong. xo

  • I think you should probably cut your d*** off!

  • Charming. What a pleb for saying that.

  • that is not a good way to get the job done, you need something that will render your natural human attempts to save your own life useless.

  • p****

  • you are an attention seeking loser. Otherwise youd be dead and not writing s*** on here.


  • Omg Joni let's hope nobody close to you does it. Think you may live to regret that comment. What a nice person you are.

  • i do it all the time, and im not dead yet. keep it up! you might be pro like me, kay*

  • you will be in h*** for ever if you do that. forget the selfish part.

  • Obviously you dont understand what being depressed is like. also if you actually read the Bible, you would know that God takes everything into consideration, also, several people in the Bible that we read about struggle with depression, one of them being the faithful man Job. If youre trying to help, comment something useful or dont comment at all. You sound like a j***, and you ruin the reputation of christains in general.

  • i do it too, i stop because im a p**** and im scared to die

  • everyone can get better. no matter how weak, or sad, or incapable you feel--you can still heal. keep having faith and keep seeking the truth. Just having faith seems impossible sometimes! But hold on to whatever you've got, give space to whatever feelings you've got, and it will improve. just hold on.

  • if you need someone to tell you have a problem, I'm here... You have a problem. Seek help. Here's some advice. There are other ways in life to spend your time. Start working out. Read something. Make a friend. Get a job. This is your life, good to the last drop. IT DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! do you really want to gamble with your life, for what?

  • Don't do it again 83% of people don't live through it and even though people say it is fun to do it's really not.

  • u need professional help

  • M***********

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