My transformation

Once I was an important man. I had a real important job and made real money. But that was some time ago. I am now an unimportant man working as a salesman at a jewelry store in the mall. I live alone in a small apartment, a studio. I pay the rent but not much else. I am invisible, I go to work, do my job, I'm a good enough salesman that they have kept me on. Usually I do lunch in the food court.

That day, I was having a McDonalds and found a two top and sat down. A man was walking around with a bag of food looking for a spot and I told him to take the other seat and we shared some talk while we ate. He worked in Men's suits at the Macy's on the other side of the mall. We became lunch buddies.

One day, any day, it doesn't matter, he asked if I liked watching ballet. I was honest and said no, I didn't think I had ever watched ballet. He said he had two tickets to the ballet on Thursday night. I got the time off and met up with him and we rode the bus downtown to the ballet. We walked around, he showed me where the men's room was and we found our seats. He was mesmerized, I could tell. Not with the ballet girls, he was mesmerized by the male lead. It was during one of those moments, when the lead lifts the girl over his head that he whispered to me, 'look at that bulge'.

I went back to his place, a small place in a large complex. He had a picture of himself, one of those pictures by a professional photographer. And there were others, a picture of when he was a little boy, naked holding a toy. He told me he had grown up from that time. He had lots of phallic items, including a lamp in the form of an erect **. He handed me a **, an erect **, and told me to hold it and tell him what I felt. Did I want to hold the real thing.

You would have to be pretty dense not to know what was going on. He was intent on me holding the real thing, he flashed it to me, out of his pants, hold it and put it in my mouth. He ** with his hips, ramming his ** into my mouth. ** me, lick my **. I sucked him, I licked his **. I was on my back and he pulled my pants off and sucked my **. He said he had to **. He reached for some slick ** lube and lubed me up, sticking his ** deep in my **. And he ** me.

Two men in the fifties, ** in a cheap ** apartment. That's what I had been reduced to. Sucking a man's ** and letting him ** me. From then on lunch wasn't so pleasant. He lorded it over me. He was the 'top'. It was hard learning to be the 'bottom'. **, that part was easy, I enjoyed that. It was the attitude that was difficult. I wasn't used to being treated like that. But I was the bottom. It was my job to clean up.

One day, many days after the ballet night, I asked him that if he was intent on making me his girlfriend the least he could do was kiss me. I wanted to be kissed, kissed and made love to. It was my last hurrah. After that not only was he to the top he was the man of the house and I was washing the dishes.

For my birthday, this was before we moved in together. He bought me a pair of **. I needed to wear **, so I knew my place. He wore the pants, I wore the **. He sells men's suits, and from time to time he gets his hand up high and touches a man's **. I sell jewelry, and I wear **.

Jan 9

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  • Sissy trash bottoms are a dime a dozen, all he did was make you even less special than you already were. Call me when there's a bottom to see who bosses his top around like a **.

  • Im female and confess to loving men swim competitions, those tight suits, bulges and im creaming my undie

  • Aww a sweet love story and another sissy

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