He got a wife even if that wasn't his plan

I was young a foolish and had overspent on credit cards and couldn't keep up the payments and I was two months late on rent when the my car broke down. It was then that I told my boss of my financial situation.

I got a father daughter talk from him, a lecture. I sat without answering, I was angry. I stood to leave his office when he told me to stop. What was I going to do? Without a car, evicted if I missed the rent, unable to clear my credit cards. My only way out was bankruptcy, at 27. I had ruined my credit.

My boss paid to get my car fixed, but he took over my finances. He moved me in with him, housework in return for rent. With the help if a finance company he negotiated a payment program with my creditors. I had to surrender 35% of my after tax pay, live with him, work for him. Allm8f a sudden he owned me.

After several weeks, after cleaning the kitchen I told him if he was going to keep me like that then I wanted him to get it over with so I could sleep with him.

He agreed, got it over with, put me on the bathroom side of the bed.
cooking, cleaning, and now s**. He owned me, more than ever. He owned me at work too. He traded in my car for a safer car. He put me on an allowance so I could have basic disposable income. With every step he owned me more and more. S** was a daily activity, and during the dark week he just flipped me over and went in my other hole.

I stopped all birth control and let myself be pregnant. Might as well, I wasn't ever going to live on my own. With a baby he kept me home. I was now a full time housewife and mother. When he asked me what I was going to do now I had a baby, I told him I was going to have another. He was supporting me and I was satisfied, I didn't want to work, or talk to the creditors. For once I was being a woman, I was born to be a housewife.

Sep 25

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