What a night.

My husband and I are both turning 40 in a month and bought ourselves a trip to celebrate so we went away, I won't say where to but it was a resort type get away, We have kids and busy lives so it was nice to get away. We have engaged in some alternate stuff over the years specifically MFF 3 ways, I quite enjoy another female from time to time and enjoy involving my husband, as I say that I want to be clear that it is not a common thing, Like....4 times in almost 18 years but it has happened, we have discussed another dude but it just never came up or happened and we don't search that stuff out, It was always just something that happened.
Anyway we were having evening drinks poolside and my husband leaned over and whispered in my ear "You're getting eye ** hard", I choked on my drink and said "Hun...Geezus...", He chuckled and I said "Ok, Ok...Where?", He said "Pool bar, grey hat and the guy beside him", I was like "Oh, Dudes" so I looked and there were 2 guys considerably younger than me but yeah, They were definitely looking, I don't consider myself to be anything to special and am 39, five foot three and have an average build with a bit of a mom bod but they were defiitely checking me out but then again there were only three women at the pool bar so maybe they had checked them all out.
My husband was sort of teasing me about it and I got up, walked to the washroom and came back, I sat down and looked at him, He said "What?", I said "Oh please, tell me you didn't watch to see if they checked me out as I walked by", He laughed and said "They checked you out soooo hard". We were laughing and joking and he said "pull your top down a little so one nip shows", I was surprised and said "oh stop", He said "For real, they are going to be walking by in a few seconds, They are grabbing drinks and pointing toward the lobby", I was so nervous as I fumbled and managed to pull my top to where one nip was just peeking out, He said "Here they come" and I could barely control myself from shaking, I had never felt that way but I had never exposed myself before in a public setting so it was super weird.
I seen them walking by behind my husband so I was facing them and as they walked close I reached for my drink and I totally felt my ** slip right out, I was like "Aaahhh **" but they were right there and I had to act like I didn't notice, I made eye contact with both of them and both were smiling at me as they passed. As soon as they were facing away I fixed my top and my husband and I burst out giggling, I was like "Oh my god, My whole ** slipped out" and he laughed saying "I know, That was awesome".
We were joking and laughing and my husband said "What if we took them to the room?", I stopped and looked at him and said "What?, What do you mean?", He laughed and said "You know what I mean", I said "Oh stop, Don't even", He shrugged and we carried on drinking, A while later he went to the washroom and came back, He sat down and said "I told them 15 minutes at our room", I literally spit my drink out and said "WTF, No you didn't?", He shrugged and said "Wanna go upstairs?", I could feel myself shaking and I said "No...No...I don't...Oh **", He said "You say no but your ** say yes", I put my hands over my ** and said "Hun...Are you being serious?", He said "Let's go upstairs and find out".
My good lord, I think I tipped my drink over standing up, I was fumbling to get my flip flops on and then he said I was shaking as he held my hand and led me up the stairs from the lobby to our room, I was wishing our room was much further from the lobby so I had time to think but my brain was a jumbled mess. Of course, Of course we got to the top of the stairs and turned the corner and they were both standing at our doorway, My husband said "Hey...I wasn't sure if you'd come", One of them said "we weren't sure if you gave us your actual room so we didn't knock". I don't remember all the introductions but we were in the room and clothes were flying off and then I was laid on the bed and HOLY **, My husband didn't join which I think I would have preffered he did but he chose not to and instead watched and video taped so I know everything because I have watched it like a dozen times.
I sucked a lot of ** and from what I can count I had 3 O's and the first guy finished twice, the other 3 because he had one at the end trying to finish on my face but I didn't let him. We haven't really discussed it too much but I would put it on the "Maybe again" list.

Jan 16

Next Confession

Don't drink so much.

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  • Oh wow! Any DP?

  • YES.

    DP and gave head all at once.

    I felt so dirty but so ** and incredibly luck to have 3 ** at once.

    I was loving in my own **

  • That's a nice story. Thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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