Never say a word.

My sister and I went out last weekend and tore it up hard, It was my first time out in a while and she took me out for my birthday and we got so wasted. The next morning I heard my husband get up and I didn't think much of it and drifted back asleep but then after who knows how long I woke up and he was sitting in bed drinking a coffee which was super weird, I asked what he was doing and he said "Oh good, You're up...Go do something with your sister please", I said "I will....Later", He said "No, I mean you need to go put her to bed or something". Just from his tone I could tell something was up so I managed to sit up, Waited till the room stopped spinning and stumbled to the hallway, When I got to the front door I was like "Aaaahhhh crapola", I turned around and my husband was standing there, I whispered "Quit it, Don't look", He shook his head at me and said " I have been up for an hour and a half", I was like "Oh" so obviously if he anted to look he had ample opportunity already.
Anyway she was passed the F out, Slouched in the corner blocking the front door still half in her dress from the night before but only half way, So I go and get a blanket and cover her up and come back, She is sprawled out, legs spread, Her vag all out in the open because she obviously didn't wear any underwear to the bar, One b*** hanging all the way out, The other half way out and I just shake my head. I cover her up then wake her up and then we get her half tucked back in her dress, Get her up and I ask my husband to help me get her p the stairs to the room she's supposed to be sleeping in, Well geezus, we get half way up the stairs and she says "wait, Wait" and stops, Puts her hands n the stairs and bends right over, I am beside her and my husband is behind her 3 steps down incase she falls, He looks and his eyes get big and then he looks away and then at me, then back at her.
We finally get her to the room and he leaves, I undress her and flop her into bed before I cover her up and leave, I go downstairs and look at him, I say "Well, I bet you feel you know her a little better now" He just shakes his head and I go crawl back into bed.
Well, My sister is btw is 3 years younger than me and 6 younger than him and 27 since it seems to matter.

10 days

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  • I bet he stuck his d*** in her mouth when he was down there alone with her. Did you check he for dried c*m?

  • Agreed, maybe he even f****d her while you were both wasted, prolly video’d it too. I would have.

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