An awkward situation all around

My sister and her husband are swingers, I have known my sister was since I was 15 and walked in on her sitting on her best friends face while her boyfriend whacked off watching them, There have been many instances where I was made aware of it like being in the living room while her and her boyfriend and her walked past on their way to her room and her boyfriends brother was close behind then I had to turn the tv up so I didn't have to sit and listen to them all have s** in her room and a continuous stream of other stuff over the years.
I am 5 years younger than my sister so I was always off limits as she once told me until after she had moved out and went to college so have never had to deal with any weird situations except one where a friend of the guy she was dating had invited me upstairs at 14 but my sister put the brakes on that thankfully, Her final year of college she came home with her now husband who is great, Friendly, Personable, Well groomed, Fit and gainfully employed plus they own a lake house and a boat which they always invite to join them at so what more could you ask for in a B.I.L.
I had been dating a guy but we split after I caught him and his ex "Chatting" and sending pictures to each other, It's been three months so I am very over it but have decided to take a break from dating for a bit, My sister is 30 and has two wonderful kids to which I am by far the favorite aunt and I spend as much time as I can with them, Two weeks ago we had gone to the lake and spent a wonderful day on the water, I had noticed my sisters husband checking me out a couple times but whatever, Honestly...I look good in a bikini. Anyway we had put the kids to bed and were sitting around the fire pit, Things got a tad chilly so we moved inside, My B.I.L. had excused himself to go to bed and my sister and I sat up talking and drinking, She asked me about any potential men in my life so I told her there were none and she was flabbergasted that I had not had s** in almost three months, She said "I would be rubbing up against everything by now if it were me", We were laughing and joking and some stuff from the past had come up and then it happened.
She offered me a rendevous with her husband, I actually spit my drink out when she said "If you want to you can go to our room for a bit", I stared at her and then sarcastically said "For...What?" and she giggled saying "Well...I'm just saying, If you need some...Stress relief", I laughed and said "No, I'm good but thanks for the offer", She shrugged and said "Just putting it out there, I know he would love to", My mouth dropped open and I said "Oh? And how do you know that?", She replied "Hey, I won't say that he hasn't mentioned that you look good in your bikinis", I said "ewww...Don't tell me that your husband checks me out", She laughed and said "Oh yeah because I am sure you have never noticed, He is not exactly stealthy about looking at other girls and...Hey, You are no exception", I giggled and said "Oh stop", she said "Hey, What can I say, You have always had the...Upper body that attracts attention and mine is not...What it used to be" (We were both DD's before she had kids and then hers...shrunk to a C.
We sat and talked a bit more and she said "Well, If you are not going to change your mind I am going to go to bed", I completely didn't mean to but I was in the middle of swallowing and I paused before replying, She caught it and said "Ahhhhh?", I tried to explain myself and she said "Last chance...100 percent?", I said "100 percent" and she shrugged and said "Ok", We both got ready for bed and said good night, I was crashing on the couch and had my silky PJ's on, Everything was quiet except for the waves outside and the crickets or grasshoppers or whatever was making that sound. I laid there and couldn't sleep so I had one hand in my PJ pants just playing around when I heard footsteps. I quickly stopped and looked over at the stairs.
My B.I.L came down the stairs in just a pair of silk boxers and whispered "Hi", I whispered "Hi" and sat up, He sat down and began to tell me that my sister had told him that I was interested in doing something but that I was being shy about it. I told him "No, I wasn't and she had misinterpreted my response to her question" and he put his hand on my arm, He told me that my sister was convinced that I was interested but just didn't want to say it, I told him she was wrong and he told me that if it was too weird for me to do it in the same house as her that we could go for a walk by the water or go out to the garage, He was definitely into the idea and if it was a situation where we were both alone and single I would have already been on top of him but it was a HARD no for me.
He motioned for me to lean in and I did, He leaned in and whispered "I'll be honest with you, I was looking at you today", I giggled and whispered back "Yeah...I know", He had put his hand on my back and we were leaning into each other whispering back and forth as he tried to convince me to go out to the garage, I said "Geez, I just don't think its a good idea" and than I felt him pop a button on my top, slide his hand in my shirt and cup my b***, I sat up and took a breath whispering "Ohhh...Uh...I don't" but he is some sort of master and in the time it took me to say that he had my top half way undone and one of my b**** out, I arched my back trying to slip away but that wasn't working, He leaned in and whispered "Wow you have great t***", I was super freaked and choked as I said "th..cough..Thanks".
As I was trying to figure out a way out my situation he gently grabbed my hand with the hand he didn't have already holding my b*** and I don't even know when he did it but he had his...Junk out and put my hand on it, I Froze a bit and whispered "Oh s***" and then he kissed me. I didn't mean to but I kissed him back and didn't take my hand off his junk, I have been with a few guys and have had a wide range of sizes and his is comparable to the bigger ones I have had which I am sure makes him confident in these situations.
I was having a very strong internal struggle with the fact I hadn't gotten any in quite a while plus I had already started to get my blood flowing and the fact that I was making out with my sisters husband and she was ok with it. He had completely unbuttoned my top and had it slid down just hanging on my elbows and I only took my hands off his junk long enough to flip it off and then grabbed it again and we started kissing again, He pushed me onto my back and sucked my nips which has always been my weakness, I had so much going on in my head and in reality that I was confused about what to do, I was jerking him, He was sucking my nips and had his hand in my pants, He slid a finger in me and had found my button with his thumb, I have to say that he is definitely a pro, Everytime I showed any little bit of reluctance he did something that completely washed that away, I don't remember the position switch but I ended up sitting up with my pants around my ankles and him standing in front of me, I started sucking him and that only lasted a minute before he gently laid me back down on the couch. I spread my legs and he licked me a couple times and started rubbing his k*** on my lips.
I don't know why that was the moment and honestly one would think that at that moment I would have been to far into it to stop but he was just about to put it in and I looked up at him and said "Oh f#ck", He stopped and said "You ok?", I said "I'm sorry, can we stop?", I don't know why I asked permission but I did, He said "Are you sure?", I moaned a bit and said "We should", He said "Or we could continue", He just had the tip spreading my lips and slowly rubbed it on my button and I truly could have finished with just that and considered going for it but I said "I think I want to stop" and he said "OK" and kissed me.
I was feeling so guilty about it as he sat beside me and I sat up, I reached over and stroked him and said "I'll finish you if you want" and leaned in taking it in my mouth, He didn't say anything and just played with my b**** and reached between my legs rubbing me and fingering me until he grabbed my hair and held my head as he came, I finished it and he sat there breathing heavy, He caught took a deep breath and pushed me back on the couch spreading my legs and was going to go down on me again, I put my hand under his chin and shook my head "No", He whispered "I'll gladly finish you", he licked me a couple times and I couldn't help it, i just grabbed his hair, Ground my his against his face and came as quietly as I could.
He and I sat up and he held my hand as we kissed a little and then I got redressed and he put his boxers on, We were both standing and he hugged me close kissing me a bit more, I whispered "Oh god I am so embarrassed" and he just smiled and whispered "It's ok, Don't be". We touched a bit and he said good night, He went back upstairs and I laid awake all night thinking about what I had done, The next day I apologized to my sister when I went upstairs, She told me that he had told her the whole story and that she was good with everything, I feel like I cheated with her husband but she continually tells me it is ok and that she sent him down there.
We were supposed to be there three more days but I was so embarrassed I left that morning and have barely spoken to them since.


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  • Taboo and hot, the thing is you needed c*** and you got it and thats amazing you described yourself well

  • You knew this wouldn’t end well didn’t you.? There has to some type of boundary between you and them.
    I’d say f*** him when you said No and he didn’t. I’m sure he’s counting on finishing you off next time too

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