I want my wife to be flirty with other men.

I want my wife to explore. It turns me on, I don’t know why. I’m not into p***, never have been, same for her. We have both been vanilla, missionary our entire marriage. I find myself fantasizing about her with other men. Touching, flirting, talking, whatever. I always let her know that I don’t care if she’s talking with other men. I really don’t care. I just have this desire for her to do go for it. If she’s not into it that’s cool, I love her. It’s really hard for me and I don’t know how to suppress it. Last time we had s**, I imagined I was someone else and I came so hard. What do I do? How do I let it go? How do I feel her out for it? Are married women into this sort of thing? Where the h*** did it come from!?

Jan 25

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  • Nothing better than having a wife who likes to flirt and show off her body. I have been married to a woman who has done it all her life.

  • I've always been flirty with my husband's long time friend, Allan. 12 years ago we were on his boat. My husband was the 'designated adult' no drinking and had taken our son to bed for the evening.
    Allan's date canceled last minute so he offered me a glass of $200 French wine. I was buzzed but still knew what was going on. He squeezed my butt as he left to get himself a refill. When he came back, things got heated and we had s**. Not just s**, the best s** I'd ever experienced! My husband is a 'one and done' we were able to do it numerous times.
    Awkward part, we woke up with my husband standing over us and we were naked. I thought I'd set my BlackBerry alarm for AM but it was PM instead.
    I put my bikini on and ran below as our son was waking up.
    We told my husband later it was an accident and we only 'did it' once and I thought Allan was him. lol
    I gave him permission for a 'free pass'. He forgave us. It's been 12 years now, I don't know if my husband has used his 'free pass' nor do I care. Allan and I have not had s** since that night either.
    btw; I posted this confession on here two years ago.

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  • I understand, my wife engages in conversations with strangers, I encourage it now,

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  • Yes women love to flirt and be flirted with.
    Married female, 41 with grown three kids. After the pandemic, our friends Frank and Terri, similar ages, rented a beach house at Hilton Head and invited us. Couples only. Terri's a teacher and over the years has put on lots of weight. Not bragging but I can still wear size 2 jeans because I go to the gym often do yoga and run.
    Frank and I secretly flirt when no one's around. He's tall and muscular. I like the extra attention. I enjoy compliments from my husband but from another guy, it's extra nice.
    I also like teasing Frank by wearing tight yoga capris around him.
    On this night, my husband had gotten into the bourbon and drank an entire bottle. He went to bed and was out cold. Terri had tickets to a concert in Savannah and went alone because non of us cared for the group. She'd just left.
    Since my husband was passed out and it was just Frank and I, we sat out back. He was drinking beer, I was drinking wine and it was dark. I was feeling good from the wine and things got extra flirty. I went to get refills and changed into a bikini. Frank finally got bold and squeezed my but.
    Before we knew it, I was sitting on the railing and he'd pulled my bottoms to the side and his p**** was sliding in and out of me.
    We're still friends and thankfully things are not awkward when we're all together.

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  • Lucky lady. Have you had a chance to enjoy more Frank?

  • It was a one time thing and we're good with that.

  • So sad. Was hoping you got more Frank

  • Be careful what you wish for.

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