My lifes love story

I wish I had married one of my previous girl friends.

My wife is emotionally distant.

I think back to other girls I went out with.

One tasted terrible when we kissed. Just not for me I guess.

One was too clingy and a bit fat. She was really nice but I have never thought I would have liked to marry her. Although we did have good times together. She married a friend of mine and they are happy and now really fat.

The last two I think about are my first and second girl friends. The first gf was nice but I think we were too young although we did not think so at the time. But we were different. She had a job and I was at uni and I needed to do some study and she always wanted to be out.

The second gf is the one I wish I'd married. Can't now because she is married and seems happy. has kids and so on. She was cute and lively and smart. She lived with her mom and her dad had died a few years back. Some funny things. It's weird we all talk about how when you are 18 or older you can do what you like. Well I went out with this number 2 gf was 19 to 22. Her mom was really strict and she was very obedient. Her mum made her wear control briefs whenever she was going to be with me. Passion panties. Basically they are really firm tight underpants. The idea was that it would take a long time to take them off and by then the mood would be gone. She also had curfews. Not a fixed time but if say we were going out to the movies then it might be 11pm or a party might be midnight. If I got her back late then her mom would be sitting in the lounge with the lights on. If we were not late then her mom would be in the mom's bed room with the lights off and we could kiss and cuddle and not be disturbed. We never had s** but we had lots and lots of really hot touching.

Now I compare that with my wife and we have cold s**. No emotion. No tease and titillation.


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  • Well here we go again. No f****** updates from the j****** who runs this web site.

  • Not once did I notice a solution to your problem in the confession. You have a problem at hand and what did you do so far to solve it? You begin to compare your past eith present. How is that going to do any good for your married life? The best suggestion for you is to communicate. Express yourself to your wife. Maybe then you'll see distinctly wjere the situation is at hand. This is just one sided story. Think about what's exactly going oj with your wife as well.

    I am hoping this helped. If not a lot but a bit.

  • I'm the OP. I try to talk to my wife. She does not talk about her feelings. So I do not know what little or big things I do that turn her off.

  • To Writer: You need to be straight up with her. If this approach doesn't seem to work then try the other approach. Let her know you're being serious this time and you've had enough.

  • Sometimes people are scared to ask for help, to share feelings to just be vulnerable even when it's to a spouse. They fear rejection, that they are not worthy or they don't feel safe. Couple that with depression and well you have a person who feels broken. Now, you say s** is cold..which makes me think at some point she's been abused. But getting older, her libido can diminish. When u went to counseling, did she share? Does she complain etc? Has she always been this way or is this new or has been building? It is true, that if u she can't communicate what's going on, it's tougher to help her.

  • Thanks mate. We will see how we go. In my opinion the lack of communication is the biggest impediment to fixing it

  • The past is nice, but the grass isn't always greener and it doesn't change things with your wife. What's really going on? You have tried counselors...that's great, sometimes you have to keep going. She sounds like she's really depressed. And if she's depressed, s** is going to be the last thing on her list. But sometimes there's only so much you can do and the reality is life can be hard. Is there anything more you can do? Just to see if there is change.. like help with the kids, clean up the dishes, prepare meals.. even tell her she looks pretty. Plan a date night and keep doing it. Relationships change over the years. It's work. You have a choice - you can leave her or you can continue to work at it.

  • Well "I pisssed on a girl and I liked it" is my new song I ripped from katy ugly perry. that is love to me, p****** on s****.

  • Why is marriage the end goal?

  • I guess it gives a certain certainty about it. Maybe a traditional thing give kids a mom and a dad.

    I know that many kids end up with one parent.

    At the moment, the only thing really keeping me with my wife is the kids. I do love her in a deep way but no passion and no l*** and s** is really really boring.

  • You wouldn't be thinking about your past girlfriend if you weren't so unhappy in your marriage... I understand where you are coming from. Does your wife know how you feel? Are you willing to go to counseling and work on the marriage so you can be happier together? If not, then you might have to consider moving on... I know it's a difficult decision. It's better to move forward though than reminisce about a past we can't change.

  • Done several consellors over many years.

  • If you are gonna go around punching women and taking drugs rumors get around then you wonder why no women want you but a nig trick? well have a look in the mirror freak.

  • How's that. Where's this idea that the op hit someone?

  • In his own crack head mind is where it came from.

  • But didn't you bash one of them she had a black eye or something? you're getting married soon, just deal with it and move on. sure no one likes her and slove in bride who married a few times before, and had a baby and then you will marry and break up later. so its all ass about face for you. buttt you designed it that way. get over it.

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