Rescued Rabbit's were relaxing in victory but a Fire from **

I am writing this in the memory of my pet rabbit Boo. I had Rabbits before Boo and I loved them all. When Boo came it was a Victory. She turned a frown upside down making it flip into a smile. A great moment I will always remember was the times I would wake up and the first thing that came into view was Boo staring right into my eyes. It is nice to wake up to the Eye of the Fancy. Boo was a Blanc De Hotot and amazing creature with black eye liner perfectly circled around each eye. I Testify now that it was a God send to wake up on those days to the Eye of the Fancy looking right at me, Victory. Sadly when I wake up in the present it is like waking up in a trap a glue trap. Stuck in a rat trap with no bait waiting to hear my name said, but no eyes in front of my visual to enjoy communication. Sounds I hear are of past failures sad bad irritating reminders events that occurred when I was not present and would have been best left like that. I have several tools praise the Creator that I am able to utilize to take flight and fake it to make it while high up on cloud 9. I had a moment to clearly see a visual of a group of Rabbit's relaxing in the forever home. It was in Michigan in February it was a cold but safe place. The heat lamp kept them warm and they were greatful. Some had been through hard times others were abandoned for a moment they did not have a home or a dime. They were safe in the confines of the Rabbit rescue lodge. The Heat lamp started a fire and the rabbit's were in hast. They did not know right from left they were confused for a time. Fire happens quickly and it burns up or down. Some of the Rabbit's died from the scare a heart attack can happen just like that, the smoke kills or injures. A confused Rabbit not knowing right or left in hast can easily hurt itself. The fire deptartment came put the fire out the smoke cleared but the Rescue lodge was a complete loss and Injured Rabbits need care something that does not come cheap. Please take a moment to look into helping out Rabbit Oasis Sanctuary in Michigan on the Thumb they sure can use Funds.

Mar 5

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  • I like them grilled with a little rub.

  • Rabbit meat needs longer marination and a slow warm fire on a grill

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