Satan crawls out when Glory is within Reach.

An opportunity of employment came my way sometime ago. It was more than a 9 to 5 job it was a deal of a lifetime. I was at Home Depot buying some tools and materials to repair drywall. A man approached me and asked me if I know I how to do this kind of work. I told him not as a professional but I have done it in the past. I had done a lot of misc. home improvement and basic R & R remodeling. It had been a while but I would figure it out. He started talking about his deal. He was a contractor and has several
jobs on the table. He asked me if I was looking for a job. He needed someone that he could count on who had his back. I jumped on it what harm could come of it. I loaded up my Rabbit Boo and we went to meet the man. A terrible storm hit and we rescheduled for the next day. I got someone to watch my rabbit Boo and I started working the first day. It was an ideal opportunity it was perfect. Before the end of my first work day a
Demon crawled out from Satan's realm. He caught my Boss as he was walking into the building. he asked my Boss "what was I doing inside the building?" That was the end of my ideal perfect opportunity. Just like that I ended it. I never went back. I thought I could simply overcome it at first but I was unable to. It was a powerful mind f***.

Apr 4

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  • Mexican "culture" is a fool's gold version of Spanish culture, and 95 percent of it comes from Spain. I guess the rest of the "culture" is total s***.

    Mexican food is gross and based on v*****-shaped corn pouches filled with cheap horse meat.

    And how imaginative do you have to be, to pour beans and kernels on rice and mix it all up? Poor people's food.

    Why do Mexicans worship Beelzebuth and celebrate the undead? Why are cartels so bloodthirsty? I guess the Aztecs are back.

    And why do the Mayzonic leaders of the world celebrate these Abbo-c****-blonde-Spaniard muttts?

    Cuz they're faithful devil worshippers? Cuz they do all the dirty jobs the treacherous woke elites won't do themselves?

  • I am against racism. I am against sexism. Diversity in white supremacy! Transwhites are whites! So long as you're based, you can be white!

    The fact that gaytrannies who worship Hitler racemix more than a white leftist whhore woke BLM supporter who lives in Utah, shows us who the real racists are: white Democrats.

    The right has Dan Bongino and Candace Owens. The left has Stephen Colbert, who's whiter than a steaming bowl of rice dropped on soft snow in Antartica. Need I say more?

    Islam is the gay man's religion, and that's why a bunch of white nationalists find Islam very appealing. In reality, Islam is one big bathhouse masquerading as a theocratic ideology, like Cosmotheism or Falun D***. D***, lol.

    Islam is the religion of brown "people". Not entirely black, but not entirely white.

    So they threaten to kill and rape a toddler, in between flooding a 6/10 white girl's timeline with masochistic pleading and sexual garbage.

    Being a sack of garbage is a blessing if you're shitskinned. You never know you're a sack of garbage.

  • See an exorcist. No psychiatrist will help you.

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