Too young, too foolish, too drunk, peed my pants at a night club

It was embarrassing. I was out with a bunch of coworkers, drank too much and didn't make it to the bathroom and peed my pants at the dance club. Funny, wasn't it, I was dragged out on the dance floor to dance with my wet pants. People stared, turned around and stared again. People stared at me more than they did the girls without panties on.

My coworker Mark took me home, he had a car. He insisted on walking me to my door and walked in. He told me had never eaten a peed p**** before and wanted to try. He got my pants off and laid me on my bed and ate me for a few minutes before taking me into the shower. After the shower he took full advantage of being with me and held my face while he e********* repeating 'squirt one, squirt two, squirt three, and squirt four'.

No one knows that he stopped over that night and made me his girl Friday at work, nor how much sperm I've carried around from him .

14 days

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  • A woman who is desperate is interesting. A guy? Well that's just disgusting. No one is attracted

  • I feel ya brother. Just yesterday I was sitting in my back garden leafing through my Quran when suddenly the bell starting ringing. I absentmindedly put my Quran on the barbecque as I rushed to the open the door. When I came back I saw that my dog nudged the grill switch and the Quran began to catch fire. I quickly grabbed it off the grill threw it on the ground and successfully put out the fire by stomping on it repeatedly. Just then my lovely pet dog grabbed the Quran and chewed it up and tore it to pieces. What a horrible day that was!

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