I can’t stand Mexicans

Mexicans are stupid, fat, short and they’re ugly. They’re Probably the ugliest of all Latinos/Hispanics if I’m just being honest here. They’re on par with AfroAmericans in terms of being annoying, but at least AfroAmericans have some redeemable qualities to them. Mexicans have zero talent outside of being violent and their culture is boring. If they aren’t emulating AfroAmericans they’re walking around with their dumb yee-haw boots and their 10 gallon hats looking like hicks. Mexican men are also the biggest cuckholds too. They literally aspire to hand off their daughter to a white males to breed out their lowly burrito folding genes. I was hoping Trump would cleanse them from america, but sadly he didn’t.

Mar 29

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Fattened growing belly

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  • Who you think built your house dumb **.

  • You probably aren't even around them enough to know the truth. I knew some very intelligent and talented Mexicans. Sounds to me like you are just jealous because you can't find what you're talented in. Get to know these people and stop being scared of them. Your statement is racist and the most ignorant ** I ever read. You may be a trolling ** and that's exactly what you sound like.

  • Racist pig.

  • I have two children, twins, both are mexican.
    They are the most active, smart, lovable people I know.
    But they are chihuahuas

  • Yeah, with Mexicans, they're either hoodrats or hicks. The browner ones are hoodrats though.

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