I’ve never had an ** with him

I’ve been keeping it a secret for many years but I’ve never been able to achieve an ** with him. It ** because I feel I can’t be completely honest with him and I constantly fake it. In the end after each session I end up achieving ** by myself. I hate lying.

Apr 5

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  • The couple across the street has the same dilemma. She told my ex that she's never ** from ** with her husband and they've been together for about 25 years. I look at them very different since my ex told me this.

  • To add to this, the woman has gone from very plain and skinny to really curvy and hot in the last 10 years. If my neighbor ever kicks off, I would definitely take a shot with her.

  • Find another lover. Life is too short not to have multi-orgasmic ** on a regular basis with your lover(s).

    If you decide to stay with him. That’s fine but you need to find someone who can “take care of your needs” on the side

  • I can relate. My first bf never gave me an **. He was my first and we were together 2 years. We were in high school, had ** often but he always finished too quick.
    It wasn't until later on, when I was in college, I experienced my first **. I was at a party and hooked up with the guy I eventually married. I was up front and told him I had a boyfriend back home but things clicked, we danced together, made out and I went back to his room. OMG!
    I was still with my boyfriend at the time and originally planned for it to be a ONS but we kept hooking up.
    I'm glad it turned out this way. After 13 years of marriage and two kids, our ** life is still off scale.
    Keep looking. It might be meant for you to move on.

  • Or, she might even try having a conversation with him about it! At the moment, he thinks he's doing ok because you appear to be coming. How do you expect him to know?

    He might be a little hurt at first that she's been faking, ** the ego, but if he cares about you, and you make it fun, I guarantee he'll up his game.

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