I think former best friend might be a psychopath or crazy

So I had this close, best friend, whom I loved a great deal. He ghosted me when my mom died last year and stood me up at the funeral, claiming he was sick. After that he didn't respond to messages and walked away when he ran into me. Wouldn't even say hello back.
At first I was so worried, I thought something terrible must have happened to him. Then I thought I must have done something wrong. Been too much of a burden when my mom was dying, been too clingy.
He wanted to meet up suddenly. I agreed, apprehensively. He cancelled several times, I thought he had changed his mind. Then we met up, and he was pretty mean to me. Talked ** about my job and my other friends, cut me off when I mentioned my mom. He was just really mean, and mostly talked about how he had given away a family pet recently because he didn't like taking care of things. It was very weird. He talked ** about everything I said. Why meet me just to do that?
We met up in my town. After that, he sometimes texted sporadically, but never responded to me back. I think he is with someone now... Because they have started hanging out in my tiny hometown. I see them around and it stresses me out SO MUCH. Why is he here??? I mean, there are a couple of museums and it's close to the ocean, but why is he hanging out here??? With someone else??? You don't live here??? Does she even live here? I don't even take my regular walks anymore, too stressed out. When I run into them, he changes demeanor and greets me overly brightly and friendly. Why is he doing this, this is super weird, right?
I don't want to move because my mom is buried here and the funeral tanked my expenses. I haven't told anyone about this, because how would I even explain. It's insane, right? Is something wrong with him psychologically? Is he trying to ** with me? What's his agenda? I have apologized many times in case I did something to hurt him, but now he's doing this? WTF?

May 27

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