Dark Angel

Do you know Hannibal Lecter?
The wendigo, raven-stag of NBC
He is a serial killer, terrifying murderer
But to me, he is my dark angel
An inhumane creature that is above us
Mere mortals
He should frighten most, digust others,
Induce ardent admiration
But Hannibal is my father, my teacher
My mentor
My dark shadow in the face of reality
Nothing is worse than the crimes of men
Nothing more disgusting than the mind
Of a depraved human
"Father, a man, a photographer, harassed me. He's taken my face, my body, my pictures. Father, he is rude..."
In the dark, blood looks black like ink
My Father will find you in your pitiful existence
Hannibal calms me, he soothes me
Perhaps one day, his hands will guide me

May 30

Next Confession

Nyahh pt 2

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  • Dear Abby;

    Prose, poetry or a spontaneous soliloquy is in approximate anathema to the disturbed depraved sexually despotic on here deprived of any actual human contact of a intimate nature, they in feeble quasi pulp fiction attempt to quell the savagery of inner conflict and malignant frustration. They do so by expressing their often bizzare, illegal immoral dreams state fantasies in the form of the short story. More often than not totally fabricated, embellished reduced to at best, magical thinking. In the common vernacular, they make this ** up, while sexually aroused then other depraved readers ** to each delicious noun, verb and adverb. Excited adjective concluding in deranged orgasmic ** self pleasuring bliss.
    We can thank somebody for the 1st Amendment and the U.S Supreme Court's decisions on obscenity.

    Signed, Pauli Pervert from Philly

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