People are stupid lol

Dear uhhh old person who lives in my house.(I still love u btw ur just really annoying me rn💗💗💗) [warning: slang language]

Not you asking us "you guys are doing your prayers right"(w pressure) once in a pink moon but never explaining to us why we should, or how it works, or literally even trying to help us with anything concerning the religion in itself before imposing your stinky cheese self righteousness on us 😗😗😗

And by "us" I mostly mean my sister, because where I have been lucky enough to receive an actual education on the logistics and works of our religion, she hasnt been able to, since she needed a school which suited her individual needs better.

And like, listen, even without that context. Are you stuuuupidd?? You are. I forgot. I'm sorry. See, this is why I don't admire you that much despite how "religious" you seem.

In what world do people actually learn(and I mean the real definition of learn, not just copy and pasting) to do and cherish concepts without being given REASON?
What good do you think youre doing by asking that question? Seriously?

When all you do is sit at home all day. Say, if you actually wanted us to do what you believe in, you'd go out of your tiny way and teach us. But since you just wanted to feel good, you didn't. And it's just too sad that you're not nearly self aware enough to even question your actions.

Be mindful of others, and treat the person who takes care of you the most like she has valid emotions before you decide to "impose" on our ideals with yours. Which... it ain't really imposing if you're not really doing anything. 🗿
Oh, but you *are* giving my sis a bad taste in her mouth at the mention of religion. Good job! That's what you wanted, right?

From an idiot to another idiot, secretly.
When I'll learn to properly speak my mind? Who knows.
And by the way, I'm finding my way. Slowly, but at a rate nonetheless.
What are you doing to grow?

P.s oh my gosh this sounds so mean yo listen. I mean it, I'm sure I do. But I'd definitely butter it up for your emotions sake if you saw this. Cause yeah I don't want to hurt that. And yes that does matter. So I hope you don't see this. But still. 'Quiet and think sometimes bro.

(Oh also yeah I probably sometimes feel borderline hostility-level-tolerance towards you but it's really because I feel bad about also being a burden just like how you are (<33) so don't sweat it I'm fighting to keep it in check 😭😭😭😭) (you're really sweet you just need to think more)
((The benefits to thinking more is that it might just keep you alive longerrrr and like you might feel physically better idkkk))

Haha ha aa
Loveee youuuu

-(the person writing this)

28 days

Next Confession

Incident 1960 8th grade age 13.

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