So we talked. We realized that the reason we fell apart was that it seemed like I was distancing myself from you and neglecting you. We now understand that it was because I wasn't sure if I could trust you with my secret that I was bi.

What did I tell you a year ago? I told you the truth. I told you what I was dealing with. I cried with you for hours and promised to never let it be a problem again. And you said no second chances.

17 months later, you realize the truth. You forgot what I said, and you still have feelings for me? I told you that I never gave up on you.

I lied. I think I have let go of you - months ago.

Maybe I'm just being vengeful, and I want you to go through 17 months of h***. Maybe its because I'm just sick and tired of disappointment after disappointment.

I don't know. But I'm not sure if I can love you the same way again.

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