Not Long Now


You fail, miserably. You are not gangsta, you are not dark, you have no clue about your own country's history, you are spoiled beyond belief, you talk back to your parents in a way that would have gotten me buried.

Its not ALL your fault, your very stupid parents are to blame for it as well, they spoiled you, and let you talk s*** to them. You have a chance to stop, but as a host of historians pointed out, we are the new Rome, and well, patterns of history and all that.

Now, the trolling. Prove me right, little ignorant brats, prove me right.

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  • you have no idea the mental effects abuse in any form causes, it creates h***, it makes you weak, it pulls every last evil avtion inward towards you and there is no escape, what we have to live with now, is controlling the very evil that attacked us, its not f****** easy, i don't want to think about f****** or murdering other children, this isn't f****** fair, yes i'm 19, im the failed experiment of the generation before me, ive seen the psychotic mind of all in my generation, when i look around, i see worthless, spoiled unmotivated little p******, thats all i f****** see, yet i myself am the same thing, f*** you, it's not our fault, i still am confused to how it happens, but it does, 90% of the generation before, are worthless, racist, they can't tell the g****** difference between a child's mind and an adult, i would love to watch the previous generation burn in pain and agony, if i could do it, id take this entire planet out, the human mind is just getting crazier, and it cannot be stopped, i hope you all burn. there is a meteorite, quite sizeable, once it hits the earth its over the size of texas, in 2036, if i find a way to stop anyone from redirecting it away from the planet via using mass, and i have the resources, i will stop the redirect, and hopefully it hits this planet, and you feel the pain that has been embedded in the minds of the young generation, die, all of you

  • I unfortunately have to agree with you, the media is very messed up, but not all kids are like that, which is good news

  • ^ Wow, what a positive outlook to have. You must really buy into the notion that this is an increasingly apathetic generation. It is up to each individual to make a change and break away from what's being force fed to the American public. I wish you all luck in whatever route you should decide to take. Whether it be sitting idly by, waiting for another cue from the media on how to live your life, or taking control of your own life and standing up for the things that you truly believe in.

    God Bless America

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