You're So Pretty When You're Unfaithful To Me

You're looking like
You've got some sun
Your blistered lips
Have got a kiss
The days are lit like everyone
I make you break
You make me hard
Your Irish skin
Looks Mexican
Our love is rice and beans and horses lard

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  • I don't have to be faithful i am not married to you. go home to your wife. blister bum. ugly rapist knowy, you look like that guy with the 4 ribs removed ken doll that was why you made me sick.

  • This unfaithful poem is sick! you look so ugly and disgusting writing this crap poem. considering you were the unfaithful one to your wife knowy ken doll I guess you should have 4 ribs removed and look like that creep on tv who if that is manhood well yuk as much as you were. and no one asked you for a ride or s**. you just took it and raped. so sodomite off! with yourself to your smell gangs a****** and go away.

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