I can't help it...

I check the website history on my boyfriend's computer to see if he's been looking at any other girls or questionable websites.
Ever since the first time I found something that I almost couldn't forgive him for, it's been impossible for me to stop. If I find anything that upsets me... I stay mad at him for awhile and won't tell him the exact reason why.

I think he might know what I've been doing and have always known since that first time.. he just won't admit it. It makes me feel so depressed and unattractive when I find pictures of girls on his computer. I don't know what's acceptable or not acceptable for him to look at as a boyfriend. I just figured.. if it's not okay for him to look at them like that in person, why would it be okay on the internet?

It's literally driving me crazy... I wish I could stop. It's so hard to imagine him doing that to me. He's so sweet and wonderful... but the things I find make me feel like I can't trust him and don't know him as well as I think I do.

I think I'd be happier if I were ignorant of everything.

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  • If I found my wife was looking at other guys pictures I'd love it. I'd love her to express her sexual desires

  • The internet can deliver nudity on a whim and that may be what it is.

    Here is a tool, that can instantly instead of standing at a news stand, trying to no look like a pervert while you flip through a few titles, to just a few private clicks and you have the same thing, except in the exact genre you are looking for. Then you think you have been abandoned to that tool?

    The first commenter has it right. You should not feel threatened by adult sites and 2D nudity.

  • I already sent him a billion.

  • send him some nudeies

  • Stop! undervaluing yourself and making his p*** viewing an issue that has to do with what you are or aren't! You are a flesh and blood woman he's chosen to be with. The computer is a safe place to be curious and act out fantasies. Put that energy into exploring what you're curious about and what turns you on. I guarantee that he will dig it . A lot! Being made one dimensional by some virtual bimbo is below you. Don't give your sexual power away, especially to something so shallow and intangible.

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