I'm starting to hate them

Your kids, both of them, have major f****** boundary issues. They have no concept of asking for things. They just take and use anybody's personal property as they please- no matter what it is. They expect to be catered to and don't lift a finger to help in return. They are annoying and nosy and have no real idea that they are just children. They are rude and disgusting.

They overstep their bounds in everything they do. They have no respect for privacy. Your daughter won't even let me sit on the toilet. She can't knock. She just walks right on in- and is now offended because I lock the door behind me everywhere I go. She walks into places uninvited and unannounced and stands in on conversations that don't involve her and WILL NOT LEAVE on a constant basis but just can't figure out why nobody likes her.

Your son is a lazy SLOB. He won't even bother to make himself a sandwich. He sits on the sofa with lunchmeat or a package of hotdogs and eats right out of the pack- because I guess getting out two slices of bread or warming hotdogs up in a pan of water just takes way too much effort. Your son is a liar and a thief. And a d***.

Your kids are pigs. Both of them. Are my kids perfect? No. But I at least got them trained to understand that there are boundaries for them and that they are NOT miniature adults. Unlike your kids, they have a clear understanding of private and personal space. They have the decency to understand that they live with other people and they are not the center of the universe and therefore at least contribute to the household on a regular basis. When was the last time your son fed his own dog?

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  • ^Jake wrote this.

  • Sheesh, they're just kids. So they're different then your kids, give them a break. Glad you're not my mother, that's for sure.


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