Why now?

Okay. Here goes. I have 2 kids with a deadbeat. Hes not there for them at all. He was cheating on me with a girl around 7 years ago. After I found out I left him alone completely, I just let go. He is still currently with her, and now has 3 children with her. He doesn't call or even see my kids that he has with me. Worst part that makes me sick to my stomache, is that he lives 4 blocks down from me and walks by my house with his other kids occasionally. My oldest use to cry but now she seems to get it now. Okay, remember I said that it was 7 years ago? I have done nothing. Just filed child support, and that has climbed to 16,000 now. Okay, now for some reason it's starting to p*** me the f*** off. Its making my blood boil everytime I think of it. Its just not fair, why does he think my kids arent worth s*** now cuz he has new ones? I think its cuz my children are now being affected by it, and are seeing it. Anyway...so Ive finally decided that what I need is to get a lil payback. So...a month or so ago I called the attorney generals office and reported her for welfare, and housing fraud. Anonymously of course. She gets section 8. I did it over and over for about a week straight just to get noticed. Then I forgot all about it. Around 3 weeks ago I got a call from an investigator stating that he needed some information about my kids dad. He said he was investigating a possible welfare, housing, and childcare fraud case..........found out today that she just received her eviction notice this week. Do you know when the attorney generals office investigates you they practically camp outside your door? LMFAO. Feel a lil bad cuz its so close to the holidays and she wont receive any help from nowhere ever again, but I really feel ecstatic. Finally...Karma was taking too long, I had to.



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  • You just ruined several kids and a women you don't even know life. When they did no harm to you, now you added them to the long list of homeless people. They might not even have a future. Be prepared karma will strike back 10x at you. Karma could make you go broke,or worse.

  • And now karma will come back on you.

  • So now the kids he has with her, who by the way are at no fault whatsoever, are the ones who are going to be homeless, hungry, and suffer? Obviously their parents are a******* and feeding off the system, but those kids don't stand a f****** chance now. Real nice, lady. They're just kids.

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