Cuervo and Mother in law

I was about half way into a bottle of Cuervo 1800 when my mother in law joined me by the pool with a glass of wine.
She was already well lit when she joined me. We talked about a lot of stuff. Eventually the subject of s** came up and I told her that I have always found her attractive. But do to being married to her daughter I had never made a move. She moved her chair closer to mine and I was able to see up her shorts and see her panties. She just let her leg stay there as she saw my eyes. We continued to talk and drink. The lights in the house went out as everyone was going to bed, they left us to drink. At one point I moved my chair so I could touch her. I ran my hand up and down her leg. At one point I ran my finger across her panties, then inside them and up and down her v*****. She rolled her head back in pleasure. I asked her to join me in the car and we could really get going. But she would not, she let me continue to massage her v***** though. We finished our drinks and eventually went inside. The next day we both acted as if nothing had happened. A couple of days later I called her and aplogized. She apologized for her conduct as well and we have never said another word. This is the first time I have said anything to anyone about it.


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  • my mother in law never lets me touch her t*** or rub my hands up and down her legs, she always moves my hand away and gets that "you gotta be joking" look but never says anything. It sucks because I always have to stare at her gumdrop like nipples sticking out of every shirt she wears.

  • In my opinion, if she let you go that far she would have let you humped her in the car if she did not have a good reason not, on her period.

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