bf rapes me

I’m in a horrible relationship that i cant seem to get out of.
We have only been dating for around 5 months. He’s anally raped me many times, and this time it hurts to sit down. This time i fought back really hard, but of course he is always stronger than me. I scratched him really h****** his chest and he said that if i ever do that again, he will hit me hard.
After i started crying and wouldn’t allow him to kiss me, he finally stopped. Bruises formed really quick on my arms this time, and when i showed him, he said “its your fault. you didn’t want to do it voluntarily, so i had to with force.”
For some reason i get the feeling i am trying to punish myself, because what kind of idiot stays with a guy that will do that, and tell her its her own fault.
what the h*** is wrong with me. Every time i want to break up with him, he gives me the hope that things will be good between us again.
The more he violates me, the less drive i have to get away from him. and then i feel like no one else would want me..
I have many other guys that are interested in me, but i am terrified to date someone new, and come to find out that they’ve changed. Maybe its my fault he changed.
I know what i need to do. Break up with this b****** of a bf, but i just cant do it.
Something has got to give, because i know he will become more violent soon.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • leave him and call the cops

  • i am praying for you tonight. get away from him now!

  • Ever hear of Lorena Bobbit? Make sure your bf has.

  • You should go to a rape crisis center, or go to the police.

    DO NOT continue seeing this maniac.It is no telling what he will do next. Go today!

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