I can see why people kill

I work hard all day. Not just at work, but at home, at every moment during the day. I try my best to make everyone happy. When I can't make people happy, I get complained to. I get it in the neck. And I feel so despair that people can't just work together and get along.

And it frustrates me to the point of madness. Quite often I daydream horrible and violent thoughts. I daydream about stamping on the heads of the people that make me feel bad. I daydream of raping the women that are both beatiful and complete b******. I dream of destroying buildings, crashing cars, shooting more people than all the urban massacres in the world put together.

When I dream of killing someone, in particular one of my enemies, it gives me a sense of relief. Because I know the world can only be better with one less human life in it. I hate human beings.

I dream of keeping my most hated of enemies in insufferable pain.Use psychological tricks to make them feel extreme fear, and use physical methods to keep them in insufferable agony for as long as their body is capable to taking it.

It is also kind of scary that I know that one day my fuse will blow, and all these feelings will come screaming to the surface, and god only knows what the effects will be.

All I want is for people to be civil and have a bit of common decency. Is that too much to ask?

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  • I feel the same way. Just a matter of time.

  • It's hard to fathom how much ugliness, uselessness, greed, filth, hate, and pain there is in the world. Like you, sometimes I think how much better everything would be if we were all just obliterated.

    I have spent much of my life doing volunteer work and, while many people aren't very grateful, those who are make my days infinitely better. Instead of wishing pain on others, wish well for yourself and those you care about, and focus on improving the world in positive ways.

    I don't believe in god but I will send positive energy your way in hopes that you can feel better about life. Much love.

  • I also wish I could bring down the entire world. But it's a big world.

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