Love that Never Should Have Come About

I really do...I don't doubt it. So what, you say I can't be in love? That as a responsible, mature sixteen-year-old, I don't know what love is?
I say you're wrong.
Everyone says I have the maturity of someone college-age or older, and I believe it to be true...I have already made important decisions regarding my future that people several years my senior have yet to make.
So why can't I decide something that is IN MY HEART? What gives anyone the right to belittle my feelings?
I love him with all my heart...I know it. I'm not stupid, I won't just give my heart away to anybody, and I certainly wouldn't say something so important as "I love you" to someone if I didn't mean it.
Ok, so there's something most consider morally wrong here: he's twenty-one.
So? I am NOT SEXUALLY ACTIVE. Read that again: NOT. SEXUALLY. ACTIVE. Capiche? I'm a VIRGIN. And I will stay that way until I am AT LEAST eighteen, perhaps older. I don't see the wrong in premarital s**, but s** before being a legal's wrong. You just aren't ready to make the emotional decision. It's so sad to me, all the girls my age who've lost their virginity...and I plan to be an example against what my generation is becoming. I have a perfectly happy, healthy relationship where my boyfriend and I aren't going anywhere past kissing. Yeah, yeah, there's the legality push too, but we'd wait anyway, because of my beliefs.
Yep, that's right: MY beliefs. His too, of course, but they mostly affect yours truly.
Can you honestly say, after reading this, that I'm not mature enough to love him? That I'll make a bad decision, and lose my virginity soon?
I hope not. Because I will be a virgin for at least two more years. And I DO love him, with all my's such a wonderful, all-encompassing, breathtaking feeling that consumes your mind...*sigh* (I'm also a writer...can you tell?)
Please...just tell me it's alright to love him, because we're waiting--because our relationship is pure, and will remain pure until we're ready, and it's legal.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • There are guys who will wait two years.
    If you can make it to 18 then props to you.

  • yeah... if you really were as mature as an adult, you wouldn't ask permission to love him - you'd b**** about the injustice of people who don't think you're capable of love. If you were mature, you would know that age is just a number and not being emotionally ready for s** doesn't have a damn thing to do with age.

    I totally agree with 3 comments up.

  • Love and its associations are rarely logical or well thought out. I know that I thought I was the most mature b****** in high school but I learned since then that I was and in many cases still am a kid. Things change rapidly, especially once you are out of the confines of your parents. I applaud your determination to make the responsible choice in waiting, but make sure that you maintain that stance. If the guy puts pressure on you, me may see you simply as a piece of ass. Some older men do dive into the high school ranks because the girl will believe that they are so special, the guy will go against the social and legal norms for them when the guy just wants an easy lay.

    It may be just me but it does speak volumes that you are seeking validation on an anonymous web site from complete strangers. If you need that outside acceptance it can't really be true love. When you find it you will know and what others believe won't matter at all.

  • Do what you want... Coming from someone who lives in a place where the age of consent is 16, its up to you.
    About the love... You might love him, and you might not. People your age always think that they are in love when they aren't... How smart you may be has nothing to do with it. You can't read books and study hard to realize what love is.
    You'll figure it all out some day... Maybe he was a mistake, maybe he was the best thing that happened to you. You have lots of time, but also remember that life is short...

  • Shut the f*** up you teenage bag of hormones. So f****** what if you havenLt f***** him. He doesn't really want your love because he can get an adult p**** right now, and doesn't want to wait two years to blow the dust off his c***. So here's what's going to happen: He's either going to get you to f*** him, and you'll do it, or he's going to go somewhere else. Don't make him wait- that's f***** up. Go find some 16 year old guy that has the same ambitions of staying viginified (new word?) until 18 then f*** him til his b**** shrivel. No, you are not mature. You love him with all of your hormones and nesting desires, but it will pass, or you will start cutting yourself. I'm willing to bet you got no attention from your father growing up, and now that this guy is showing interest, you're jumping on the hump-me after 18 bandwagon. I mean, that's what you're really doing. \n\nSo, how many times has he fingered you? How many times have you stroked him? How many times has he felt your b******? How close are you coming to... well... coming? You know you have, or are on the fence. If you are doing those things, which we both know you are, get off your high horse. Finish high school, f*** around, and then get serious with some stupid f*** later.

  • if he does wait for you to get of your very high moral horse, its because he is doing your little sister behind your back


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