Tearing me apart

That I look at p*** and m********* on a regular basis. I hate that I do it and I know what the Bible says, and still I fall. It rears it's ugly head and I can't run away. I'm stuck and I don't know where to turn to. I'm scared for what this is doing for all my relationships, and I am stuck.

I repent and ask for God's forgiveness, only to abuse His grace in the long run. I'm sorry God for the way I've hurt your heart and for the ways I hurt so many others. I ask for your forgiveness and your mercy. Please hold back the wrath and let sin die in my heart. I need to know your presence and that you have forgiven me. Please show me.

Sep 8, 2010

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  • I m********* while reading The Songs of Solomon and c** on the pages of bible! Then and I pray and thank God it. I m********* so much and I feel happy about it. Thank God for the gift of m*********** and stop feeling guilty about it.

  • The Bible does say that masturbating is wrong. It also says that it's OK to sell your daughters into sexual slavery. And it says that anyone who works on the Sabbath should be killed. It says females who participate in premarital s** should be killed. It says that whores should be killed. It says gays should be killed. It says a whole bunch of people should be killed. And then Jesus came along and forgave everybody.

    If you want to be Jewish, be Jewish. But do it right, okay? Even Jews aren't that strict about the masturbation rule, and they're the only Bible-reading group it applies to. And if you're going to follow all the old rules of the Bible, you should get yourself some forelocks.

  • And even Jews don't follow those messed up traditions anymore, so...yeah. I don't know why Christians feel the need.

  • First, one way to look at p*** is to merely treat it like a visual representation of your thoughts. Its not like you made the p***! Second, the Bible nor God ever said that masterbating is wrong...EVER! But, if you would rather have someone to physically satisfy you instead of doing it alone...I would be very happy to help you c** everytime you feel the urge.
    Don't be too h****** yourself....you are normal

  • You know why p*** is bad? They exploit heroin-addicted actors. That's why I used to feel bad for watching p***. You should read p*** instead. Go over to livejournal, 18-year-old girls write about their sexual fantasies on that site all the time. Masturbating to other people's fantasies makes me feel connected instead of all icky.

  • I think you're going in the right direction. You want to be rid of your bad habits. I think you should think of it as God personally saying that those things are bad, instead of the good book saying those things are bad. God isn't angry with you. He is heartbroken and sad because he loves you so much and he knows how you're hurting. He doesn't tell us to stay away from sin out of anger or as a "do this, or else!" attitude, he tells us because he loves his children.
    The only way you can quit the habit is if you do it cold-turkey. And to replace that habit with another. Whenever you get the urge, try singing a hymn or if that's too corny, just getting up and moving to a place with more people will work.
    I struggle with that, too and it hurts to know that God isn't happy with my choices and that my future spouse wouldn't be happy with me, either. Alot of the time, I think how awful it would be if I still haven't quit by the time I'm ready to get married. Or I think about my future spouse keeping themselves clean for me and how I'll wish I kept myself clean for them, too.
    Good luck.

  • Try reading Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch.

  • Ok you have to treat sin like a garbage can. You can't just spray it with lysol and leave it be full of discusting crap! No, you have to take it out you have to kill it completely! You need to target what makes you sin, is it a friend or bordom? If it is then you need to ditch the friend or find something to do. You can not conquar this on your own! That's why God died on the cross, he is your strength when you call on him he will delver you!

  • You will be so much happier when you give up that stupid, stupid book.

  • look at it this way, s** is an integral part of everyones life you can not stay away from it and at the same time we need to respect Bible and God , so better take the things under your stride which means " have s** but not get addicted".

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