This confession is embarrassing, strange and I'm mostly venting about my Revenge on how I'm going to get back at those people that like to see me in the dirt.

Now that I'm losing weight, people around me hate it, and I guess I love it for the first time.

A few years ago, I lost more than 100 pounds, but it really affected me (emotionally) how people around me wanted to sabotage my efforts. When I say around me, I mean REALLY close to me: family (blood) and even my 2nd ex boyfriend.

I was to much of a wimp to stand up to them. I ate whatever they gave me. It was like I wasn't strong enough to fight back. Their aggressions were too subtle, but they still hurt.

I understand people can get competitive. But why can't people be happy for other people's happiness?

I've been angry for so long.... For a time, thought I had forgiven these people, but I realized Forgiveness, when not deserved, should NOT be granted. It's too much of an internal struggle.

I rather use this new-found energy to focus on my revenge.

I have lost more than 15 pounds, and honestly, love the feeling of their hate feeding me, instead of food!

Aug 31, 2011

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  • Good for you! Yes, forgiveness is important-- WHEN IT'S APPROPRIATE. When it isn't, you use it to fly the bird at those who deserve it. Either way, you earn the peace that should have been yours to begin with.

    Ignore the bibletard below who just couldn't let pass a chance to burble about their very conditionally "loving" lord. If "He"'s even paying attention, "He" ought to focus on the jealousy of those who are supposed to love and support you here on earth. Isn't that one of those deadly sins the jeebus crowd love to go on about (while ignoring signs of all 7 in their own behavior)?

  • Forgiveness is what saves US, not other people. If you forgive other peoples' sins, God will forgive yours. Don't let hate take you over - your on that road now. Ask Jesus to take over your life.

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