Step-sis... but only because my grandmother re-married to her gra

This is more of a release for me than it is confessing. I do not feel as if I was in the wrong except that I did not come clean with my feeling when I had the perfect opportunity. So let's go back...

Let's just say our relationship started in a church and I was 7 years older than her. At this point we were not related at all. Had a crush on her but It was just that. Had all the girls flocking to me and i was wayyyy to shy. Things were like that for years. Then my grandmother remarried to this girls grandfather. So at best she was like a step cousin. Kinda made it weird so I forgot all about it and moved on.

Let's say about maybe... 3 or 4 years later and my parents gain "custody" of her and her little brother because their parents were **. Took some time but we essentially called each other siblings ya know? Just happened. I'd say around the time she turned 17 or 18ish we had spent alot of time together and really got each other. Made me start to think of her differently especially after a really bad relationship and my "step sis" was there for me the entire time.

This girl was growing up into a young woman and she really impressed me with her work ethic and attitude all around. The easiest person to get along with and so ** fun. We had the best times just doing dumb ** like walking to the store. Of course at this point I am conflicted with calling her my sister and wanting her to maybe drop hints that she too was feeling differently? I am to this day convinced she felt similarly. At one point my parents even asked if we had a thing for each other and said if that's what you want then say something now because some things need to change.. and I remember us both looking at each other and then denying the accusations.

That was perhaps a mistake and maybe I should have been honest. It was difficult though, everyone we knew.. knew that we called each other siblings soooooo kinda weird.

We ended up having a sort of falling out I guess, or maybe I should say differing beliefs..(not religiously). Legal ** caused a divide and we have not communicated since I believe. There was once right before everything when I asked her straight if she had those types of feelings for me and she said I am dating...(insert name). Never said no. Even though I made it sound like I just wanted to know if it was true.... I really needed to know i think because I knew we wouldn't talk after everything.

She actually ended up really hurting me after it all by telling my friends some stuff that was not true in the least. Also I have to make clear I was never indecent with her. NOT ONCE! Never had a thought to do anything bad or wrong. I just thought maybe because she was my best friend, that she'd be an amazing girlfriend or more one day.

It will always bother me and i always hope we can somehow mend that rift and be friends again. Its been years now and nothing. Still broken hearted I think.

Well that is one of my stories and I promise whoever reads that this is 100% true and I have left names out for good reason. Deffinitly not my darkest story but it is something I've hidden from others.

Next Confession

Wifes pleasures...... husbands perks. Life is good.

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