The truth

Popular, mean, pot smoking, party going girls in high school are going to end up looking old, being nothing, and possibly have a sexual transmitted disease.

So if they're mean to you, don't sweat it. KARMA IS COMING FOR THEM!

And for you too. The good kind, if you play your cards right. :)

So to you, girl who verbally attacked me for no reason a few times, I gotta say, stop going to the tanning bed and chill with the s** girl. You got your whole life ahead of you. You better open your eyes and see that life is more than just high school, b****.

PS, stop being so mean to everyone that doesn't dress like you, have the same friends as you, or do the same things as you. It's really stupid.

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  • Yes, and wanting bad karma to happen to them means bad karma for you too. Reading your confession though, I have to add that she isn't the only one that thinks life is just high school.

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