Is it too late?

I made a fake facebook profile a long time ago. i never intended to use it for anything other than to look at people's photos who i didn't want to add on my proper profile. but then he started talking to me through it. and we fell in love. and it is blatantly obvious we're meant to be together. and we've already begun to plan our life together. i'm living this fantasy life and i want nothing more than for it to be real. but how do i tell him who i really am, after 8 months of these lies?
i promise that everything i feel for him is real, even if the person he thinks i am, is not.

is it too late?

Nov 3, 2010

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  • I'm a fake.

  • Aside from your name.. does he know who you really are? This could be tricky. It started out as a lie, he may wonder what else you are lying about. Have you met him in person? How do you know he's not lying about who he is?

  • TELL HIM! What's your other option? To wait for years and then he'll finally find out when you guys decide to meet up and get married somewhere? Tell him now, if he loves you, he'll understand. If not, just drop him. I've been there, done that and I can tell you that in this situation for sure it's BEST late than later.

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