The wrath of a woman scorned

When I was married to my first husband, I was devastated to find out that he had been unfaithful to me since we were engaged. I repeatedly allowed him to convince me that people were lying and it was all in my head. He even was sleeping around on me while I was in hospital with our first born who was very sick. The final straw was when I found out he was doing our nanny and the HR manager at his work. Before I left him I thought of my revenge. I took his toothbrush and cleaned the toilet with it. He got a really sick, which I told him was probably gastro. I then rang his work and told them about the HR manager, she voluntarily resigned. The nanny was fired on the spot without references and I told her husband what she was up to. Finally after supportng my husband all through university, I wanted him to hurt financialy. He had made all these shonky investments to avoid tax and refused to pay maintenance for our child. I reported him to child support who in turn reported him to the tax department. I pretended to our accountant that we had got back together and needed the paperwork for 'our investements' This proved his tax evasion. He now struggles financially and has a huge debt to the tax dept that will land him in jail. Gentleman if you plan on playing around on your wife for any reason, just leave her and give her the chance to start again without the humiliation of being the butt of everyones jokes while you bonk behind her back.

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  • Have to agree, just leave!

  • Always said the same thing if you wanna cheat just leave the person dont waste your time and theirs. good job that b****** deserved it.

  • I admire you for the smart and witty way of doing it :)

  • lol love it

  • LOL u one smart woman damn u owned that son of a b**** :D

  • Thank you :)

  • I really hope that this isn't a fake post!!! HOW AWESOME!!!!

  • No no, it isn't fake and it was awesome!! I have to thank him from turning me into a strong person (vindictive as I am) from a weak pathetic woman. We all deserve better. Revenge isn't everything but jeez it made me feel better!! :)

  • Ha!
    Deserved 100%.

  • No no, it's all true, and believe it or not he actually doesn't hate me as he is now trapped in another marriage and she is way more vindictive than I am. Stupid w***** now regrets everything he did. That's Karma!!!

  • You GO girl! :)

  • BRAVO!!!!!

  • haha..thats awesome..he had that lik him desreve to suffer n be humiliated..cheers!

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